“Why are we experiencing Ascension “symptoms?” I get asked this question all the time so I’d like to give you that answer but first I’d like to shift your perception in order to assist you in seeing the symptoms as DNA “upgrades”. Our physical body is upgrading to a “light body” which requires lots of molecular / DNA changes in order to go from our natural body’s state of existence which is a carbon based body matching our birthing mother Gaia, our physical vessel is on loan to us from her for the purpose of this Earth experience called incarnation.

How is this occurring? Light frequencies / codes, not visible to our human eyes, are steaming into our body from the sun / cosmos, turning on and activating the light codes we carry in our energy field at the etheric layer. These light frequencies / light codes flip on when your higher self feels we are ready to integrate more of your spiritual self within our physical self. This is called the Unification process / Embodiment phase, we are becoming our higher self and through that integration we release the separation blocking us from knowing ourselves as Source. When we begin to realize we are one with everything in our reality we begin the Embodiment of that awareness through the descension and integration of our higher self to heal the separation of every incarnation we carry in our cellular memory including this most important current incarnation.
In order to answer the question of “when will symptoms end” we need to look at where we are in our own individual awareness / process. Are we able to see that everything is here to “assist, help, and support, sometimes trigger” us to shift away from our own separation within and unify with the Source within us or are we playing in the game of separation, denying ourselves the opportunity to sit in the experience and feel the “discomfort” in order to give that discomfort the love it desires and desperately needs in order to be resolved and released? Pain and suffering is a reflection of our resistance to letting go of what no longer serves us or is in our highest best interest. When we have trouble letting go we are in resistance to which the direct energy exchange is suffering.
Each time we resist in letting go we are in fear and pain is felt in some way. The pain creates an opportunity for awareness that we are out of balance in some way, somewhere within. In the moment we see the imbalance we need to go deeper into love of self. This is where the healing is. We, as a collective, as well as individually, have had lifetimes of separation.  Separation is held in every aspect of our lives through things like religion, race, ethnicity, what sports team we like, as well as how we identify ourselves on our spiritual journey (reiki master, shaman, healer, starseed, indigo, Lyran Pleiadian etc.) It’s all separation because at our core we are all ONE, we are all LOVE. We can label ourselves anything we want but it will only serve to separate us more. It’s the game of the ego. The ego loves playing in the distortion of the polarized field of duality in 3D where right / wrong, good / bad etc. exists. Separation is further enforced that through our “words spoken to both others and ourselves, and through our thoughts & actions” which create our intention. Every second is an opportunity to shift and heal, which requires full awareness and presence, focusing our intention / attention in the present moment.
Ascension is an ongoing evolutionary journey on our way to knowing ourselves as Source. The more we are aware the easier it is, the faster weintegrate, through our physical experience, all that presents, including pain. Resistance equals pain, it’s our body letting us know we are not in balance / alignment in some way through thoughts, words and actions. This means that when we are not feeling our best we need to tend to ourselves through self love, and self nurturing. Get in our bed ( light pod) and sleep. Our bed holds our light frequency (light pod) / energy signature. It’s the best place to be when you are not feeling good. We must go offline and rest in order to allow / assist our body in its upgrade / integration of light frequency / codes. We must “go down” (sleep) to “upgrade” our DNA to light body from our carbon based body.
Our journey takes us into Unity consciousness, which means we must care, share and love each other. That process begins within. When we begin to care for ourselves we will begin to care for others. The changes we want to see in the world outside must begin inside. If we can not love and tend to our own well-being we will not be able to understand how to tend to or love another. This is where the Ascension “upgrades” (symptoms) are important, they are forcing us to care for ourselves in NEW ways like never before. Each time we have to lay in bed and rest we are clearing massive programs like guilt, shame, fear, judgement etc. We must let go of how we are going to be perceived, let go of handing our power over to a Dr or any other in order for them to tell us how we are feeling, what we are experiencing. Our body was built to heal itself, it was built to resolve and conflict arising. Our job is to tune inward to “feel” into what is taking place within us. Anything else creates a deficit and that becomes lack. Lack weakens us as it ties us to victim hood consciousness.
Ascension is a journey not a marathon, our DNA is going through an awakening along with our cells etc and in some cases it will feel like a death of who we were on our way to who we are becoming. In this process we begin to align and integrate more of our higher self and loose our connection to time which means we are moving from linear to non-linear states of being / consciousness as more of our multidimensional self activates. Along with this process Ascension shifts our aging process since we loose time. The more you tune inwards, go within to love ourselves deeply, the more we activate those light codes / key codes within to heal those issues that are out of balance within which will bring us into our wholeness.
The key in the process of these activations / upgrades is to not let ourselves get caught in the fear, pain, anger etc. and instead use all experiences as an opportunity to continue to dig deeper and excavate to our authentic self. Do not measure yourself by another, we are all beautiful and unique playing a very important role in this great awakening know as Ascension. You are perfect where you are so relax and allow yourself to continue in your process of unwinding to manifest as needed. We are waiting for no one, the time is now, we are there. If you are waiting for “something / someone” you will be holding yourself back as that only creates resistance which creates more pain and suffering. You are an amazing co-creator with the Universe within you, allow every moment to be a stroke of genius to the masterpiece of you!
So now you see, this process of our Spiritual Evolution known as Ascension is an ongoing process until we come back within ourselves, heal our separation and merge with our Divine Source within us. We are the creator of our reality, we can make it a good positive joy filled experience and glide / soar through all that presents, especially the physical experiences in our body or we can see it as a burden, and annoyance, work etc and create resistance the result of which will be pain and suffering. This is how it works and how it will continue until we come back within to know ourselves fully as Source. Seeing everything is here to help us is a powerful tool that will help make our physical process of evolution happen with ease and grace. Everything is our choice, choose wisely!