Why are we experiencing Ascension “symptoms?” I get asked this question all the time so I’d like to give you that answer but first I’d like to shift your perception to see the symptoms as DNA “upgrades”.  This is what’s really taking place.

Light frequencies, not visible to our human eyes, are turning on / activating in our energy field at the etheric layer. These light frequencies / light codes flip on when your higher self feels you are ready to integrate more of you spiritual self with your physical self.  This is called the Unification process, we are becoming our higher self and through that integration we release the separation of knowing ourselves as Source.  When we begin to realize we are one with everything in our reality we begin the Embodiment of that awareness to heal the separation of every incarnation we carry in our cellular memory.

When we see something happening “out there” around us it’s really a reflection of what is occurring within.  If out there represents fear it’s because in “here”, within, we are needing to continue to heal fear.  When we label ourselves as “something”, angelic / galactic / star seed etc we are still creating separation.  I’m not saying yo not do that, it’s merely an offering of an awareness to the “game of separation” we’re here to play in and heal through.  When we are believing that we are “waiting” for “the event, flash etc” we are keeping ourselves separate. Everything is on “our” personal timing, yes it is the collective experience but for us each individually as we deepen our process in becoming Source / Creator consciousness. The “flash” is the right & left hemisphere of the brain beginning the Unification process.

In order to answer the question of “when will symptoms end”, you will need to look at where you are in your own individual awareness.  Are you allowing that everything is here to “assist, help, support, trigger” you to shift away from your own separation within and unify with the Source within you or do you deny yourself the opportunity to sit in the experience and feel the discomfort in order to give that discomfort, your inner being, the love it desires?

Every time a fear comes up or pain is felt it’s an opportunity to go deeper into love of self.  This is where the healing is.  We, as a collective, as well as individually, have had lifetimes of separation. We continue to enforce that separation through our “words, thoughts & actions” which create our intention. Every second is an opportunity to shift and heal, it requires awareness.

Ascension is an ongoing evolutionary journey on our way to knowing ourselves as Source.  The more you are aware the easier it is, the faster you integrate, through your physical experience, all that presents.  Resistance equals pain.  This means that when you are not feeling your best you need to tend to yourself.  Get in your bed, light pod, and sleep. Your bed holds your light frequency (light pod). It’s the best place to be when you are not feeling good. Breathe through, you are “going down” (sleep) to “upgrade” your DNA / light body.

When we begin to care for ourselves we will begin to care for others. The changes we want to see in the world must begin within.  If we can not love and tend to our own well-being we will not be able to understand how to tend to, love another.

This is a journey, our DNA is going through an awakening.  We are loosing our connection to time which means we are shifting our aging process.  The more you tune in, go within, love within, the more you activate those light codes to heal those issues that are out of balance within bringing us into our wholeness / Embodiment.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught in the fear, pain, anger etc. instead use it as an opportunity to continue to dig deeper and excavate your authentic self. Do not measure yourself by another, we are all beautiful and unique playing a very important role in this great awakening know as Ascension. You are perfect where you are so relax and allow it to continue to manifest as needed. We are waiting for no one, the time is now, we are there. If you are waiting for “something / someone” you will be holding yourself back.  You are an amazing co-creator with the Universe within you, allow every moment to be a stroke of genius to the masterpiece of you!

Celebrate Freedom today, as it is the first day of a new beginning many will not yet comprehend.  I woke up from dream state this morning in which I was being briefed that 2021 would bring all new everything.  The rules and laws would be changed to reflect the truth of our new sovereignty. These are truly exciting times!! If you can’t yet feel it, speak it, think it and create awareness to it so you can shift into that timeline. Let resistance go, we are doing it!!  I am here with you, shifting with you, creating with you! Be love for yourself first so you can offer that love to others. Celebrate you today! I AM, I love you ️<3