Higher light frequencies are consistent now… SOULar / Crystalline-Plasma light is an everyday occurrence kicking up Freedom Codes / Humanity Codes pushing all distortion carrying anything not aligned with love and unity up and out of our field.

As our body receives these influxes of light it will be important to tune inward and stay out of the story, arguments, drama, judgement etc letting go of the need / desire / programmed responses and beliefs pulling us into polarity.  If we forget throughout our descension into unconsciousness we are going to feel it more than ever.

We must be present, be consistent, be conscious as a co-creator with ALL that presents in our reality / universe since it’s a reflection outward of our inner being.

Keep telling yourself that to reinforce this truth, no one is a victim unless they choose to play that roll. We are all creating our experience, the world is our oyster if we choose.  It’s a matter of awareness, glass half empty (victim hood, never enough, scarcity, lack consciousness) or my personal favorite, a glass overflowing with so much I can hardly keep up! This is abundance, wholeness, Divine Co-creation, higher self, present moment awareness).  This is where all the work we’ve been doing counts.

These weeks ahead open new Stargates.  Energy intensifies.  Which will you choose, a glass half empty or a glass overflowing abundance ?

Let’s be present, show up, use conscious creation, see everything possibly available, no limit and soar to new highs we didn’t know were possible. I love you ❤️