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Transformation Alchemist, Energy Intuitive, Divine Channel, Herbalist

A Message from Maria

Hi! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to see what I’m up to. Things are moving so fast now, we’re all feeling it in one way or another. Let me ask you a question before I tell you about me.  How are you feeling? Are you having trouble with reoccurring health issues, toxic relationships and abundance lack?  Are you in your own healing business but not driving in the clients to keep you sustained? When we work together I look at what’s blocking you so we can work together and remove the Generational Imprints, Limiting Beliefs, Outdated Programs, Karmic Ties / Relationships to give you the life you truly desire.

Do you have bad habbits you’d like to break?  Maybe you attract the same type of friends or you’re feeling blocked feeling like good things never happen to you? Are you struggeling with depression or anxiety?  A Healing or Spiritual Reading can help you unlock the YOU that is waiting behind all of this.  Together we can shift you into a higher vibration so you can start to let go of what you no longer want and attract in ALL that you desire.

My work is ever evolving to meet the needs of those of you who are looking to expand your consciousness in your healing journey or your ascension process.  I started my heaing journey in 2000′ through cancer which I was fortunate to catch at a very early stage. It started me on the path to healthy eating and taking care of my body as well as myself more but when it returned in 2004 I realized something was still out of balance within me.  That second time pushed me into my own healing journey which took shape through my studies during my education at the Institue for Integrative Nutrition in 2005 which stared to activate my intuition that I had supressed for many years only to find myself enrolling in a Reiki I & II class shortly after.  I went on to become certified to teach Usui & Karuna Reiki.  It became my obscession in understanding how the body worked so I could understand how we could heal.  My work has shifted and I no longer practice Reiki as it was an activator for me in going deeper into my understanding of the energy body which lead me to what I do now as a Transformational Alchemist, Intuitive healer and channel for the Divine.

My own personal journey of healing has brought me to a whole new place with not only my health but with my overall wellbeing.  I have carried lack my whole life.  Money always seemed to be difficult to come by.  Another indicator, besides the cancer, showing me that my vibration was low and I was not in alignment with my Universe.  My awareness of the overall picture of my life now became the basis for my work and I realized if I was going to truly benifit anyone else I needed to start with me. Through my self work I’ve accessed new hieights within myself that I never realized were possible.  I healed cancer and in the proces of reclaiming my life I’ve had several amazing shifts in my spiritual being in which I’ve acessed another higher self aspect, the latest to become known to me is F*A*I*T*H, Frequency Activator Intermediary Trancending Humanity. Through this presence I am now able to bring through Key Codes to activate the ones held in those I work with.  This has been such an amazing part of my journey and I’m so honored to be able to share it in all I do, wether we work in person, through Zoom, by phone or through a YouTube video you receive an activation.

If you are wanting change, I would love to work with you to assist you in bringing that through in all areas of your life.  My sessions are like talking to an old friend, filled with compassion and intuitive healing. I’ll even give you some tools to take with you to assist you in reaching your goals in between sessions.  Sessions can be done in person at my home location, through Zoom or by phone.  I also offer classes to assist your spiritual development.

When we work together, whether it’s a private session or class setting, my goal is to assist you in feeling Self-empowered by bringing you to a place of greater personal insight and awareness through integrity and unconditional love. It’s YOUR journey and all about YOU!

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Transformation Alchemist • Energy Intuitive • Divine Channel • Herbalist

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