Crystals for Support

The word “Crystal” is a generic name for a multitude of gem names. There is a difference, however: crystals are always clear in nature and stones are always full of color created by the intensity of the minerals in that stone. There are different types of crystals and stones: tumbled/raw and polished. Raw crystals/stones allow for their energy to spread out in a burst like fashion while polished crystals / stones are more focused, almost like a laser when working with it. Each crystal/stone has a different ability to assist us in our spiritual or healing journey. Working with crystals / stones is very personal in nature; some people may prefer working with crystals in their raw form, claiming they benefit the most from using a crystal in that state, while others are attracted to the polished crystal/gem, which is the type mostly seen in jewelry.

Crystals can be used in conjunction with any healing modality. There are many different types of crystals with many different uses. (see below) Crystals are a wonderful addition to our everyday lives, whether we are using them to enhance our meditation or healing session, enhance our appearance through the jewelry we wear, or through the beauty and joy they bring us around the house or office. Whatever your attraction or desire, there is a crystal out there for you. Crystals have been used for many thousands of years and have been recognized for their decorative, healing and protective properties. They have the ability to assist with healing, protection, and manifestation, as well as to transmute and transform energy.

Crystals take many forms and colors and come from all over the world. They are the earth’s DNA. They bear within them the earth’s memory or imprint of evolution. It’s a miniature record keeper holding the memory of the forces that helped to shape it. Some crystals have been created out of intense pressure, while others grow in chambers deep down underground. Whatever form they take, they have the ability to absorb and emit energy on an electromagnetic frequency which has the ability to resonate with the energetics of the human body.  This is why having crystals around us, whether through wearing them, meditating with them, placing them around the home / office / bedroom, or using them in a healing session, can benefit the body.

Selecting Your Crystal/Stone:

The more you connect to and work with your crystals / stones the more effective they become. When buying crystals / stones it’s important to understand that in the same way we, our body, carries a frequency, so do crystals / stones. When trying to decide which one to buy or work with it’s important to move your thinking mind out of the way and go by feeling:

  1. Vibrational connection
  2. Energetic connection
  3. Emotional connection
  4. or what you are intending to use it for if you have a specific desired outcome, ie: making an elixir, jewelry, etc.

Here’s a List of Some of My Favorite Crystals:

  • Selenite — clears our field as well as other crystals / stones
  • Rose Quartz — opens the heart, amplifies everything, stone of love
  • Amethyst — opens consciousness, clears and harmonizes the energy field
  • Aqua-aura — opens / enhances spiritual communication
  • Amazonite — assists in speaking your truth. Great for an elixir
  • Blue Lace Agate — Aids communication, clarity and confidence
  • Moldavite — assists in connecting you to your star family
  • Labradorite — strengthens your energy field
  • Vogel — Aligns and harmonizes all subtle bodies

Preparing Your Crystals/Stones for Work:

Prior to working with your crystals / stones you should clear their energy and get them ready to work with you. Some methods for doing this include:

  • holding the crystal/stone under cool water or placing it in a cool water bath
  • smudge with White Ceremonial Sage
  • hold in hands and use your heart-focused intention to clear them
  • use a block of Selenite to clear your crystals/stones by placing them on it
  • clear / charge using the sun

Charging Crystals/Stones with Your Intention:

I’m not a big “ritual” person, I like to hold my crystal/stone and use my intention for us to work together to serve the highest good at ALL times.

preparing your crystals
crystals for support