Testimonials for Maria Deesy

“Since my first session with Maria, my life has changed for the better, in ways I never imagined. She helped me find myself, love myself & she guided me to find my life’s purpose. Without her healing, guidance and classes, I would not be the person I am today. She has helped me to find my authentic-self, find my confidence & has led me to step into my own power to be successful in my career & life’s purpose. My life is filled with so much magic, love & gratitude because of Maria. Endlessly grateful.”
— Kate

“I can’t say enough about Maria Deesy. She has helped me to learn and grow since the first day that we met. She intuitively knew how to guide me from where I was in my journey. I continue to attend her classes as they are both structured and informative. Her knowledge base is extraordinary, as are her gifts. I feel extremely fortunate to have met her, and look forward to her continued guidance.”
— Bob Ayrovainen

“I met Maria through the lead of a trusted healer/friend. On first meeting, she created an energetic environment of ease and trust. I began to participate in her classes and began receiving information that reminded me of my teacher/master who had passed. Its not easy to find someone so uniquely gifted. I have taken from her teachings/awakenings moments that have healed me, opened me further and given me the encouragement to keep moving! What I have received I share with those who I can. She is a blessing in my life.”
— Sandra M.