Maria Deesy’s work is aligned to the highest outcome for the benefit and well being of those working with her to positively change their lives. She does this by offering mentorship sessions, soul path readings, one on one sessions, classes for spiritual development, advice as an intuitive coach and informational mailings. The advice and information Maria offers on this website as well as in person sessions / classes is based exclusively on her experiences and at no time replaces the the need to consult your doctor or heath care professional since Maria is not a doctor or health care practitioner and doesn’t claim to be one. This website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Maria makes no promises regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the methods used in her work. She does not conduct any medical or psycho-therapeutic work or diagnoses, rather she offers her clients a spiritual perspective to aid them in their journey or self-healing and self-empowerment.