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Announcing a new monthly series

Being on my own evolutionary path I have been feeling a huge push to take this community in an all-new direction! I’m super excited to share that we have a brand-new addition to our monthly gatherings, “Accessing Your Inner Healer.” This is a new monthly series focused on Energy as Medicine. 2023 is all about spiritual growth and healing which means this community will be shifting gears focusing more on healing as we move through 2023 and into the next 10 years. In this new series, “Accessing Your Inner Healer” we will be talking more about our energetic body, how/why we get sick and how to heal. This series will include a deep dive into Energy as Medicine, how our energy body works, how energy gets blocked, as well as identifying the cause/trigger/source of the illness along with ways in which we can approach healing.

As part of our upgraded community offering I will also be focusing one of our gatherings on everything Cosmic. We will talk about the planets, how they are impacting us on an individual level as well as a collective level and joining together for a meditation, transmission for healing or whatever is wanting to come through for our collective upleveling/healing. If you’ve been with me from 2018 and back you remember the Full Moon Meditations I hosted in-person, this offering will be very similar in nature. There will be a downloadable mp3 added to your meditation archives in your dashboard after the gathering so you can continue to work with the energies as they heighten.


Ascension Alchemy community

What is Ascension Alchemy?

If you are looking to uplevel any aspect of yourself your have come to the right place. If any of these questions sound like you, this community is ready to take you in and support your healing journey! So let me ask: Are you struggling with a health issue you are not able to resolve or find answers for? Maybe you are looking to resolve emotional blocks, or gain a better understanding of your energy body? Do you have a desire to shift your reality or have recently experienced a shift and need support? Perhaps you desire more peace within, would like to attract more money, a better job etc or maybe you’re awakening to your spiritual abilities and would like to understand them better? Whatever the reason you are here Welcome! This community will feel like home, a comfortable safe place for you to discover all of those desires and so much more. Ascension Alchemy is how we create the changes in our life to assist us in creating the life we desire.

The goal of this community is to provide a safe, sacred space where we can be on our own individual and unique Ascension journey and then come together as a community to expand our consciousness in Unity. As a member of this community, I will provide you with support, insight, and guidance on both a personal level as well as a collective level to assist you in navigating what is presenting in your collective experience as well as your own personal journey. There will be many tools such as meditations, healing transmissions and channeled messages from our higher realms to support you in these quickening frequencies, which serve to push higher sparking us to make necessary changes in our lives to enhance our daily experience. At times it can feel uncomfortable, but the good news is you don’t have to figure it out alone, we are all in this together! Ascension is our common denominator on this planet which heals separation on a personal level as well as a collective level. What better way do our work being on this journey together!

The goal of this Mastery School is not to teach you but rather assist you in remembering all you already are. Everything you seek is already within. My job is to help you access that which is innate to you through your soul expression. It’s who you are, who you came here to be.

What you get from our community

When you join our Ascension Alchemy Community you can immerse yourself in interactive gatherings where we, as a collective, stay tuned to what’s presenting in the cosmic experience as well as the outer reality through monthly energetic themes.

Each month we will meet 3 times in-person through Zoom. One of these gatherings will include the new “Accessing the Healer Within” series. The information for our gathering will be stored in your member dashboard along with archives full of recorded gatherings going back to March 2020, along exclusive meditations, and transmission for healing from those gatherings. The replay of the gathering is uploaded 24-48 hrs after our gathering available to you for the duration of your membership. The meditations, transmissions for healing etc are downloadable for you to keep as a gift so you have them readily available to assist you in your spiritual growth.

Our focus has been and will continue to be on essentials such as energy updates, what to expect and how to navigate all that is presenting in our outer reality, our multidimensional experience, understanding our dreams, as well as how to activate more of our Light body, how to access our spiritual insight, connecting to our higher self, our guides, our star families as well as creating an opportunity for open community discussion with no limits. This is like an open mentoring session, every gathering fosters greater healing through our ability to connect with each other through questions and sharing.

Currently gatherings take place the first Thursday of the month at 1pm EST (Thursdays earlier time accommodates those in different time zones other than EST) and two Wednesday gatherings at 7pm EST. Dates are posted via a monthly calendar in your dashboard as well as through Instagram, YouTube community posts and Twitter.


Member Benefits

  • 3 live gatherings a month through Zoom
  • 1 supplemental recorded message from me per month live guided journeys based on the gatherings collective energy which will provide an opportunity for you to learn how to feel your energy centers/body/field, expand your electromagnetic field, access higher dimensions and so much more!
  • Instant access to all previous Live calls
  • A safe place to share, learn and grow
  • Everything you need is in one convenient place at your community center on my website using your log in information to access your own personal account.
  • Members bonus perk: 40% off sessions to assist you in deepening your journey through one-on-one mentoring. This is EXCLUSIVE to members only! The code will be located on your Welcome page. It’s good for the duration of your membership.
  • Participation in the live calls is not mandatory. How quickly you expand your consciousness is up to you.
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