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Do you have a desire to shift your reality higher, perhaps you desire more peace within or are awakening to your spiritual abilities? Whatever the reason you are here Welcome! This community is a perfect fit for you to discover all of those desires and so much more. Ascension Alchemy is how we create the changes in our life to assist us in creating the life we desire.

The goal of this community is to provide a safe, sacred space where each can be on their individual and unique Ascension journey and then come together as a community to expand our consciousness in Unity. In this membership community I will provide you with support, insight, and guidance on both a personal level as well as a collective level to assist you in navigating what is presenting in your collective experience as well as your own personal journey. There will be many tools such as meditations, healing transmissions and channeled messages from our higher realms to support you in these quickening frequencies which push us to make changes that are necessary and many times uncomfortable. The goal of this Mastery School is not to teach you but rather assist you in remembering all you already are.

Join our Ascension Alchemy Community and immerse yourself within interactive gatherings where we stay tuned to what’s presenting in the higher timelines through monthly energetic themes.  Our tier 1 membership will host 2 live Tune In gatherings per month along with bonus support content exclusive to the community where we will focus on essentials such as energy updates, what to expect and how to navigate all that is presenting in our reality, our multidimensional experience, how to activate more of our Light body, how to access our spiritual insight, connecting to our higher self, our guides, our star family as well as creating an opportunity for open community discussion with no limits. This is like an open mentoring session.

My newest membership level, the Tier 2 Tune Up includes everything offered in Tier 1 plus one monthly workshop where you will access tools to help you learn how to expand your consciousness to awaken the deepest parts within you to support the remembering of your authentic self. This monthly workshop will also be offered to the public as stand alone events each month for souls who wish to dive deeper in their alchemical practice but are not yet ready to join the community. Some of the monthly activation themes which will be accompanied by activations may include:

  • Activating Self-Healing
  • Galactic Origins
  • New Earth Abundance
  • Shifting realities through the Quantum Field
  • And more!

Currently gatherings take place alternating every other Wednesday 7:30pm EST/Thursday 1pm EST (Thursdays earlier time accommodates those in different time zones other than EST.) Our goal is to eventually be in alignment with the higher timelines and free flow our times and dates…this will be announced way in advance when that time comes as we are always looking to stay in the forefront of these shifts regarding our Ascension journey.

  • There are live guided journeys based on the gatherings collective energy which will provide an opportunity for you to learn how to feel your energy centers/body/field, expand your electromagnetic field, access higher dimensions and so much more!
  • Instant access to all previous Live calls
  • A safe place to share, learn and grow
  • Everything you need is in one convenient place at your community center on my website using your log in information to access your own personal account.

* The days and times of each gathering will be set and posted on my website for ease of information, however, any spontaneous pop-up live events with me will be announced in an email for your participation.

My intention toward your spiritual evolution is based on offering you:

  • A safe place to share, learn and grow
  • Additional tools to support all your needs
  • Plus additional special rates on sessions & discounts on classes outside of this community.
  • Participation in the live calls is not mandatory. How quickly you expand your consciousness is up to you.
  • Every class gathering is recorded and stored on the Portal dashboard so you always have access to them along with every class gathering going back to March 2020 to listen to at any time.
  • Separate archive of meditations and activations to use for personal growth and healing,

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