Ascension Mastery School Community

The goal of this community is to provide a safe, sacred space where each can be on their individual and unique Ascension path and yet come together as a community to expand our consciousness in Unity. I will provide you with support, insight, and guidance on both a person level as well as a collective level. There will be meditations, and channeled messages from our higher realms. The goal of this Mastery School is not to teach you but rather assist you in remembering all you already are.

Your community membership will give you access to:

  • 1 90-minute live call a month where the focus of this call will relate to any energy updates we need to be
  • 1 90-minute live call a month where the focus of this call will relate to any energy updates as well as physical issues regarding healing. We will discuss whatever is presenting on a collective level as well as an individual level to address any concerns you have surrounding your personal wellbeing.
  • 1 Live 90-minute Q&A where we will explore things like connecting to our higher self, guides, star family as well as creating an opportunity for open┬ácommunity discussion with no limits. This will be an open mentoring session.
  • 1 Live 60-minute live Guided Journey which will provide an opportunity for you to learn how to feel your energy centers/field, expand your electromagnetic field, access higher dimensions and so much more!

You will also receive:

  • Instant access to all previous Live calls
  • Replays of all meditations
  • Your own dashboard to store all of your spiritual tools, classes etc.

My intention toward your spiritual evolution is based on offering you:

  • A safe place to share, learn and grow
  • Additional tools to support all your needs
  • Plus 50% off all additional classes outside of this community

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