No filter, no special effects just a conversation with the Sun in expressing my gratitude and appreciation in being able to commune together today in this moment.

As I was transmitting these heartfelt feelings telepathically I saw Solaris expanding and contracting, like a dance and took this picture. In that moment it felt like a hug as our beloved sun transformed his / her self into this expression for a photo op moment.

So many pictures of the Sun are revealing it’s transformation into a Star which has been taking place for many years. Once Gaia expressed her readiness to evolve and began her ascension (2012) the Sun was able to begin its ascension. Gaia is becoming her own sun in a sense which frees Solaris to expand into its next highest state.

Humanity are not the only beings ascending consciousness, the galaxy is evolving with us. All beings, planets, animals, plants etc are evolving. You may be feeling these shifts. Being present will help clarify what’s taking place in our reality.

Everything reflects our inner being. It’ll show us where our work is or how far we’ve come. Staying present helps us tune in to what’s showing up for us so we can stay on track with our own trajectory for our ascension. We fill our own cup so much that it’s overflowing. Anything coming from outside of ourselves is an added bonus to the joy we already feel otherwise we don’t entertain it. We see it, observe it and let it be understanding it’s needed by someone else as everything serves a purpose, maybe not our purpose in that moment

We are connected to everything. In these higher frequencies everything is happening at accelerated speeds. We must be present for all of our creations. We can avoid mis-creation by paying attention to our thoughts, words, actions and emotions.

Creator codes are high. If you feel angry, frustrated, sad etc grab a colored pencil / pen and start drawing. It doesn’t matter what you draw it’s about the energy exchange of the drawing / creation process that can shift us into higher level creator codes in order to shift the emotional / mental bodies. Keep drawing until you feel yourself let go. I love you ❤️