Crystalline-plasma light frequency… we are in an accelerated passage through the end of August. The conclusion will take place November thru December 2022. Stay present for all your creations. Be responsive not reactive which amplifies lower level distortion.

Solar rays continue to create collective expansion of consciousness, this can result in headaches, migraines, head pressure, third eye pressure, blurry vision, neck / shoulder aches. Our neural pathways carry the light codes through our body. Our nervous system is getting hammered!

During these Ascension/ DNA Upgrades rest & hydrate. Skullcap tincture or tea is a great herb to support our nervous system and relieve general headaches/ head pressure.

Valerian Tincture is also great for tension headaches which focuses in the forehead / eye area. Both Skullcap & Valerian tincture should be taken as a 1/4 teaspoon in water or tea every hour until the headache subsides. I’m an herbalist since 2009. Please do not use Google to choose an herb. The information is often times incorrect. Seek out a trained herbalist.

If you try these either of these suggestions please let me know if they help you. Rest is always my first choice as these light code activations require us to surrender to what is ❤️