We had another X-Flare yesterday around 10:37amET. An old sun spot opened up again on the side of the sun facing the Earth. It produced an X 1.4 flare which lasted for more than an hour creating a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) after. It looks like there’s great potential for Geomagnetic Storms and CMEs through June 1st which brings great potential for physical discomfort and seeing Auroras.

Back in 2012 I had no idea these anomalies were causing my migraine like headaches. I was aware we had just stepped up our Ascension game with the 121212 / 122112 gateways but didn’t fully understand how everything worked so I could put it together for a better “in body” experience. It’s my desire for you to understand it so you can maximize your experience through your awareness of / to these space weather conditions.

I remember calling my friend Jill, who lives in Minnesota, back in 2015 talking about CMEs and how they were creating our headaches. Neither of us suffered from headaches before. Jill was the only person I knew back then that was where I was in the work. She was an incredible galactic channel whose higher self was known as G.R.A.C.E which stands for Galactic Realization Assignment for Civilizations Evolution.

I had also received several higher selves the two most prominent being Aluna, my 5D faerie self and F.A.I.T.H which is an acronym for Frequency Activator Intermediary Transcending Humanity, which was my 9D galactic self from Nibiru who carries the frequency of Rose Quartz (350 hz) which immediately allows others to elevate and harmonize their heart center. I was actually tested for this. When F.A.I.T.H came through to me I was undergoing a massive upgrade (in bed barely conscious for 4 days in 2019) through which there was a celebration on Nibiru for my awakening and I was gifted a string of Rose Quartz around my neck with the words “never forget who you are”. I’ve worked hard to embody that soul essence over the years.

I’m sharing my story again for you to see how these energies can assist in our awakening evolution. We can make them bad focusing only on how much pain or discomfort we feel OR we can use them to open ourselves to our souls truth and live a fully abundant life serving our soul as opposed to our human condition.

EVERYTHING is here to support our souls journey, it’s simply a matter of how we see it. The choice is always ours!