Around May 15th we experienced 3 X class flares in the last 24 hours!!! This is overstimulating our Vegus Nerve, which is the primary vehicle for light codes to be brought into the body.

Light codes enter through the occipital area at the back of the head (Mouth of God) and travel along the Vegus Nerve which connects to our brain and travels down through our neck moving all the way down into our abdomen. The Vegus Nerve is a conduit for moving light frequencies through our body supporting our light body upgrades which can, at times, feel painful.

It’s the largest organ in the autonomic nervous system serving to regulate our body’s natural functions like breathing, our heart beat and more. It’s called the “soul” nerve connecting our entire nervous system.

One of its main functions is receiving fight or flight messages to keep us safe which means our body is responding to the signal of the Vegus Nerve every moment.

When solar flares hit the intensity of light from the flare entering our body could trigger the Vegus Nerve sending us into fight or flight mode. This is why we often have neck, shoulder and head aches. We’re also experiencing all new issues in our spine, presenting in back aches or stiffness.

The degree of resistance we are in with regard to life and “what is” results in the level of pain we carry. Resistance = pain

The last flare was the largest yet, X8.8!! This could’ve felt so much worse than it did. This flare was 15 times wider than the Earth but because it was pointing slightly away from Earth we didn’t feel it quite as intensely.

I do not see this slowing down. These flares have been ascending with us becoming consistently larger. I am directly evolved and connected through the lineage of our Sun. We can expect more support from our Sun as it ascends into a Star as Gaia assumes responsibility for becoming her own Sun. We are in amazing times!

Moral of the story: find ways to let go of resistance. We must accept that we can’t change the outer reality, it doesn’t exist (technically). We can only shift our thoughts about it, our present reality and state of being. Having a deeper of understanding for “what is” can support our journey. Listen to your body, it will show you the way! I love U❤️