Last nights sky was like a soft pastel painting. You can hear / feel the tranquility of zero point. I live near a major highway yet I don’t hear it when in the higher realms. This is my reality.

As a collective we are going through a transformational corridor as we enter August. We’re all feeling this transition in different ways. Some are going through heightened expansion of consciousness with head aches / pressures etc, others are feeling extreme anxiety, vertigo/ dizzy as the field adjusts to these higher frequencies, skin issues as the Star particles active our crystalline / Kryst/ Christ self.

Many are only just coming into consciousness, we must hold compassion, love and observe, for all as well as ourselves, without taking in any projections. We are a placeholder/ anchor for Divine cosmic light. It’s imp not to compare yourself to another’s journey as we are all on a path unique to us. We must let go of judgments of how it should be / look / feel etc so we do not entangle through old patterns and habits. Step away and take a breath. The physical body is expressing itself in all new ways, our job is to go with the flow.

Some of you, like myself, will feel deep states of detachment as we shed more of the old self in order to bring through higher level experiences where old outdated programs/ patterns / habits can no longer exist. This can be confusing. It can feel like we no longer feel connected to people, places, jobs or things that used to feel comfortable. Transformation requires presence and an open heart free from judgment especially our own.

A key to making this transitional passage more comfortable is to disconnect from electronics, especially social media. These lower frequencies can drain our light body which adds to the fatigue happening from the Photonic light bombardment.

Expressing ourselves in our creator state is super important right now. I‘m enjoying the freedom I feel in painting, communing with Gaia, nourishing myself with high vibe foods etc, communing with my highly charged high vibin online community as well as my private sessions. This detachment state is detachment from the old self whereI felt the need to be seen or be i’d be forgotten in order to “keep a pace” as a wayshower. I no longer feel that need as my Universe supports all my needs so I can bring forth what’s most needed in this moment with no agenda other than offering the newest transmission received from my higher levels. Now I show up with information I trust will be of interest since you already know the work, especially those of you who’ve engaged with me over the last 7-8 yrs that I’ve been sharing the “how to’s” of everything ascension. Staying in the work is the key and will make a huge difference in how these next few months play out for you.

Stay present, watch your words / thoughts / actions / emotions to see what you’re creating. If you are judging another on any level you are judging yourself, especially if you are judging yourself as better than another you are not seeing as your equal. We are ALL one. Law Of One, that’s how the higher realms flow. Judgment is not part of the New Earth Realms, it has to end in order for us to evolve together in unity. Be love always, I love you ❤️