I’m repeatedly asked “when is this shifting / Ascension going to end?” My answer is always the same “Never, we’re in for as long as we choose to be in our physical body.”

That answer is probably not the one you want to hear, however it’s the truth.  We are doing something never done before, we’re changing the molecular make up of our physical body so it can accompany us into higher dimensional frequencies, much higher than our old 3D reality that we’re letting go of.

Our body is consistently undergoing a massive upgrade in order to support us in becoming multidimensional.  That’s a huge process!

This metamorphosis is why our body hurts, the pain is a result of lifetimes of emotions detoxing from our cells.  Cellular memory is being cleared.

Every cell has an imprint of the 3D matrix, it’s held in our tissues, muscles, teeth, bones etc.  The process to clear it is immense which is why we can feel extremely fatigued.  Our body is utilizing a massive amount of energy during this process.

These influxes of light are consistent, no more energy reports needed, it’s all the same now.  The difference now is in “how” we are doing our work shifting into new higher timelines / realities.  The more we resist the more discomfort we will feel.  The more unconscious/ asleep we were / are the more challenging it will feel.

There is no right or wrong in our experience since we are all on our own unique timeline.  For example one may feel the headaches / pressure / migraine / eye strain & aches while another will feel bloated / fatigued / chilled to the bone the heat up from within and yet another may feel like they have energy for days.  This is because we are each / all experiencing the energies available to us for our shift differently. There isn’t just one light frequency to contend with anymore, we have everything presenting at once and each day may feel as though we are on a new adventure.

We must be in flow, surrender to what is & be present navigating our reality from our highest state of awareness / consciousness.  Make time for reflection, let go of judgement, inner balance is key.  Lead with a compassionate heart, especially for ourself. I love you ❤️