Plasma-Crystalline light frequencies intensifying our experience in the physical. I haven’t seen the plasma burst in the lower left since this January as new stargates opened.  Everything intensified again!!

Stay focused, no playing in the old ways, 9D says WE are the creator of everything!  We must see all experiences from the point of our creation. Our thoughts, words, actions & beliefs shape our experience. We’ve all been glamored through the veil & bought Into the illusion.
It’s time to opt out of the 3D illusion through conscious choices in how we’re engaging with and creating in our life experience. If you keep looking to see “what’s happening” within the collective or the covid story you’re engaging with 3D which means it’s in your field.

Untether, let it go.  There’s no need to watch unless you want to keep experiencing the lower levels which cause immediate imbalance in our field which creates suffering.  It takes more work to clear the entanglement. We don’t need to watch. The end… ❤️