Last night my solar plexus was sparkling like beautiful little citrine crystal points. It was magical ✨

This morning another crystalline crystal popped out of my cheek. Feels like a piece of sand and is itchy when it’s breaking the skin.  I’ve had many of these experiences over  the last 5 or 6 yrs as more of my crystalline DNA activates.

You may be experiencing them too, they are responsible for the itchies, especially on our scalp, as well as unusual rashes or hive like bumps as our conscious expands.

Please do not dig them out of your skin if one erupts. You do not want to force it out.  Sometimes they will come to the surface then retreat back in. This is ok.

Many get them on their feet and legs. I’ve shared on this many times over the years and now again since I had another erupt that I can show you.

This is how our human body, made of carbon, is shifting to carbon silica, silica light body & will go through many levels of light body.

My skin glows / shimmers in the sun as if I put sparkly powder on, yours will too. The more we know the easier the journey. Love you ❤️