Rainbow light frequency is consistent, I see it everyday wether there are clouds to reflect it or not.  Signs of New Earth are everywhere if we CHOOSE to look / see.
We are living it.  This is our 5D+ New Earth experience.  We are interactive with our reality like never before!  This means we control our experience so regardless of whether you’re seeing rainbow light or not look for it, expect it, demand it into your reality!  This is how we create new realities and access New Earth 😉 Everything is already within you / us, go within.  Do not look outside of yourself.
Rainbow – Crystalline – Plasma – Gamma light frequencies / SOULar light / codes and more is our NOW through our personal timeline as well as our collective timelines.  Each frequency offers support for our body’s evolution on a cellular level.  How do we work with these frequencies?  We align with them, tune to them through the high pitch ringing in your ears.  Pay attention, EVERYTHING is supporting your / our journey.
Show up for yourself and look for the  magic that’s right in front of you.  If you want more magic, an easier life experience / reality, It requires tuning your field to a higher frequency / vibration.  We must be consistent in our higher level choices.  If we forget (go unconscious) and dip into negativity (3D), it’s magnetic, we must detach and do things that bring ourselves joy to release it from our field.
The best way to avoid this is to let go of resistance to change.  Resistance brings pain and suffering.  Choose love, Be love in all you do.  I love you ❤️