The sky speaks in “code” to me / you / us in each moment as these “light frequencies” are not outside of us but inside. They are all we hold inward of our higher self, soul, DNA etc. Can you see that when you tune into everything around you, you are really tuning more deeply‬ ‪into you? When we focus too narrowly in our observation we miss the mark as everything outside is a direct reflection of inside.‬

‪Don’t look for chakras, organ systems etc, that was 3D work.  We focus now on how the outside shows up for us as a projection of the reality ‬ ‪held within.  Mercury retrograde no longer affects me, nor does the moon. It did until I realized a few years ago they are part of me, creating my personal awareness to ALL I was creating and anchoring as my belief system.‬

‪If this triggers you and you feel uncomfortable‬ ‪ just breathe. It’s old beliefs pulling up & out. Let go and understand we are in the process of letting go of everything we were imprinted with. We are returning to our Source / higher self.  We are igniting memories of who we are through this awakening as our dormant DNA‬ ‪activates.  We are learning who we are with each breath.‬

‪Tune in and pay attention to what is showing up in your reality. How is the sky speaking back to you, what songs / thoughts are randomly popping up in your head.  Follow the breadcrumbs as today unfolds & enjoy all!‬

Morning musing: I haven’t watched tv in years and don’t really listen to the radio, it helps me tune higher.

Each morning I wake up to a song, a message from my higher self. Today’s:  “All I wanna Do”- S. Crow
I’m off today so that feels right Sometimes I don’t know the song and need to look up the lyrics. Keeps me on my toes!

What did you wake up to??