As an observer of what’s playing out in our collective reality I’m seeing one common denominator regarding this subject in both those who have elected / been forced to take the jab and those who are refusing to take it and that is a lack of PEACE in their heart. Peace is how we ascend our consciousness, it’s how we access Zero Point and Divine Neutrality.

This video was sparked by a deep conversation the other morning with a beautiful siStar of light, one of my dearest friends Jill Grace, who I met years ago as we were both pursuing our organic ascension as she shared with me the struggle she was going through that brought her to the decision to take the jab.

During our conversation it was obvious to me the judgement felt within the collective, no matter which side they stood on, was deep. The only thing standing in our way of healing all judgement and finding our peace within through the understanding of who we really are, period. Until we come into full awareness that we are not the 3D reality version of our existence we’ve been lead to believe we are we can not heal anything and everything can and will hurt us. Once we realize this has never been our truth but merely a belief system we’ve been tying ourselves to, playing out playing small in this incarnation we can see that there is NOTHING that can hurt us, not words, not cancer and certainly not the jab.J J

Join me as I explain from the 9D Over Soul perspective of F.A.I.T.H (Frequency Activator Intermediary Transcending Humanity) and hear how we are more powerful than anything that exists outside of ourselves. Allow yourself to receive this incoming transmission to support your shift into your own higher states of awareness in order to let go and step into the realization that WE create our reality and everything that exists within it. Important – Please read this blog for a deeper understanding of how we create our reality.