n the moment I am writing this Gaia is in a quantum “time out”. It’s called Zero Point stillness. We can’t hear it with out ears, we must “feel” it with our body / being. It feels like silence, like nothing is moving on the Earth, like everything has stopped.

I started to notice this last April 2020 during quarantine. One day I woke up to an eerie stillness, I can only describe it back then as if I were still sleeping and in a waking dream because it didn’t feel real. Now I’m used to these time stop moments which have been happening throughout this past year as Gaia shakes loose the lower levels of distortion, mostly fear, in order to support our collective shift.

My question is “do you FEEL it”? It feels like you are here but not here, there is no sound in your body, no energy except your own. It feels as thought everything on the Earth is quiet, including the birds, car, wind etc. nothing moves in this state of being because it’s zero point. It’s happening now as I write this.

We are quantum jumping / shifting each time Gaia goes into a time stop. We must feel it, be present in it to allow our body to integrate in order to shift. All lower level programs, especially fear, are being re-coded. The more present we become the more we support the collective shift. Our experience is supporting the experience of all, we are one.

These time stops haven’t lasted long, lately they’re are getting stronger, longer. If you haven’t been, connect with Gaia in order to tune into and feel these shifts.

Be light, be love, and most importantly be compassionate to those around you who need more support right now. This is a team effort, Gaia isn’t leaving anyone out, we on a human level shouldn’t either. I love you!