I was asked why I said the Sun is evolving into a star so I thought I would share this information with all of you. It’s the short version.

Our Sun is like a gateway connected to and projecting Christ consciousness to our heart gateway. All gateways & portal exist within. We use the heart center (astral plane) to run versions of our lower self (reality) through the Sun which acts like a projector reflecting back at us through Gaia which acts like the movie screen which becomes the holographic reality we are experiencing.  As we continue to evolve we will not need the “projector” anymore because we will be our own source consciousness. The sun can then morph into its next level of evolution. This is the very short version. I hope this helps in understanding why I said our Sun is changing its logos.  These are very exciting times we are in!!

Just look at this picture, it’s like a projector beaming a light down on us creating our reality as we believe it to be which is why we must be conscious of our thoughts, words & actions.

Ascension Sun