On July 4, 2019 I woke up feeling an incredible urge to write about “freedom” so I did and posted it to my social media accounts.  I didn’t really understand fully all that I was tapping into at the time, I simply allowed the transmission from my Higher Self to come through.  The message was about honoring our sovereignty and choosing ourselves.  Little did I know, we had activated Freedom Codes on a planetary level and that was what I was tapping into.  We were being supported through that gateway in 2019 just as we are now in this 2021 gateway which is amplifying our ability to choose to activate these codes within us.  We can’t not feel them although activating them is a choice.  Free will (3D / 4D) is still in effect which means we have to choose to receive in these codes and active them within.  5D doesn’t all for free will because theres no distortion to play in, everything is in balance and harmony through caring for and sharing with each other so no one is left out.

How do we do this? How do we activate these Freedom Codes?  First we need to understand what light codes are.  All (light) codes are frequencies, tones and colors carried by light sources such as Plasma.  They flood our field easily and become readily accessible to us for integration  however they will not be integrated in our field unless we are “choosing” to take them in which means we must be consciously aware of how we are interacting in our reality at all times.

On that 4th of July in 2019 no one “told me” we activated Freedom Codes, I felt it.  I didn’t need to look at what the planetary alignment was doing or read about it,  I had been practicing being present within myself for several years preparing myself for higher realities by letting go of what was no longer a vibrational match.  This meant letting go of  the outer reality / outer story that did not match the new reality I was desiring to experience.  This meant I had to hold that desire no matter where I was physically located.  I was on vacation my brother and his wife in North Carolina for a week of vacation living in and sharing their reality so it wasn’t as if I was alone on a mountain somewhere in a deep spiritual sabbatical, I was in the midst of their life with whatever was presenting, good, bad and not so pretty.  Even though I was not home in my personal space I still felt and tuned to the incoming codes anchoring them by writing about them, sharing what was unfolding with anyone wanting to read and activate the codes within themselves through my offering.

How did I know all of this?  How did I feel the codes? How could I be so super tuned in without being in my own space? The answer is simply this: I do not participate in the outer reality if it is not in my alignment.  I’m present to be a good witness to what presents, however, I recognize that nothing requires my reaction, only my response.  Reaction is driven by our emotional body, response is driven by our heart center.  I am present to see / observe what is presenting so I can make my choice on how I desire to engage if at all. This requires a few things:

* We see from our own point of creation how we are contributing to our own suffering, pain and discomfort so we can choose differently.
* We watch our choice in what words we speak, are they tied to 3D or are they higher 5D aligned.  Words like symptoms, weird, hope are all low vibration. If you close your eyes and say them out loud or in your head you will actually feel them pull down through your body not up through your crown.  How do we shift our words?  We choose words that hold a higher vibration, words like upgrades replaces symptoms, interesting replaces weird, faith replaces hope.  You can say upgrades, interesting and faith and feel yourself get pulled higher.
* We see how / where we are “compromising” ourselves in order to make another happy and stop doing that.  It’s not our job to make anyone happy, we can only make ourselves happy and through our higher happy vibration others can access that vibration / frequency and shift.
* We see how another shows up in our reality, understand what they offer us in that exchange and use that encounter to continue to support our own shift until we no longer call in need to call in others to give us that experience.  They can then present in a higher aligned way for.  It’s always about us, not what anyone is doing to us.  WE are the creator of it all.
* We choose to support our “soul” in whatever way it’s asking.  Our human doesn’t get to be in charge anymore.  Our human only knows the 3D beliefs it’s been programmed with since birth which are tied to lack.  We must consciously pay attention to what our soul needs. If its something that requires money in order to obtain it to feed and nourish our soul needs we find a way to afford it or we are fueling a state of “lack consciousness”.  We can not play the lack game, lack is not a vibrational match for 5D consciousness / creation.
* We must tune out of 3D.  This is simple to do.  We look at what is presenting and ask ourselves if this fits into 3D (lack / victim hood / suffering) or 5D (bliss / joy / ease) and choose the consciousness we desire to play it.  It may mean letting go of people, places and things that are no longer in alignment.  If you feel stuck this is the ticket to becoming unstuck since we are the story writer / creator / director / actor of our life, everything comes back to us. There is nothing else, nothing outside of us.  We do not play the blame / shame game any more.
* We must see the game of “separation” in EVERYTHING!!!  It’s in every facet of our life and ties into Ego and Judgement.  It’s even in how we’ve viewed healing our body by focusing on our chakras, healing one at at time. Just more separation to keep us separate from our body, separate from seeing our body in its wholeness. The chakra story is complete now as all systems are merged.  We are activating our light body, a body filled with rainbow, plasma, crystalline, etheric etc light, nothing is separate as we are in our wholeness.  Letting go of the chakra story means moving beyond the limitations of those old beliefs that we needed to tidy up each individual area in order to be whole.  We are Energy, it was the farthest thing from our truth.  It was a story meant to keep us struggling to become whole. We are whole / sovereign… are you feeling those freedom codes activating yet?


Everything we do has purpose, our choices we make affects the whole of the collective experience.  We must remember ourselves as a contributor.  We start by tuning out the old lower level narrative which will help us release any fear we still hold.  We must tell ourselves that nothing is true until we say it is otherwise it’s the same as giving away our power,  We can check to see where we have power leaks by checking how many of these points ring true for us:

* am I operating from an old belief
* am I trying to save another or play the hero / heroine role
* am I playing into another’s misuse of power / manipulation / control because I have not fully cleared that from within
* am I limiting my abundance, self worth, power, creation, self love
* am I not recognizing the Source within me
* am I not speaking / sharing my truth
* do I have a fear of being seen
* add to this any areas you feel you need to release in order to activate the Freedom Codes within your field

Remember Freedom codes are conscious light, just like all other light frequencies / codes.  We must take responsibility for our own up-leveling and call them in.  In order to anchor more light we must let go of the distortion tied to 3D, that density weighs us down, makes us feel heavy emotionally.  When we let go and fill our field with light we feel blissful, floaty and joyful.  In that state of being nothing can pull us out of alignment, trust me.  If something pops us that needs clearing we see the distortion much faster and clear it quickly.  We no longer dwell or play in its creation. This is where our freedom is, it’s in choosing our experience in our reality in each moment.

Starting today let go of ALL the old stories.  Make believe you’ve been tasked with the responsibility of creating everything new and nothing from yesterday back is true for you anymore.  What would you create? How would you want your life to look?  What would your highest most joyful experience look like?  This is how we create Quantum style!  It may feel a bit uncomfortable until we realize the only restrictions to living our best life are the restrictions we’ve set for ourselves.  Let’s break free today by moving beyond our self imposed limitations and activate the FREEDOM codes now!!  We’ve got this, I love you ❤️