September 2018 IG post I wrote when the “144 Avatar Consciousness Code” first activated.  It’s relevant now as it’s activating with the 2222 Humanity / Unity code and the Freedom Codes.

144 is the code for Avatar Consciousness, the highest expression of the divine human blueprint at the level of the Multidimensional self or Oversoul level.  This embodies all dimensions through 12D.  12 strands of DNA activated throughout all 12 dimensions (12×12=144)

The importance of this code is not so much to “do” anything with it as much as to be aware of it in your day to day experience.

This is an activator for ALL Lightbody templates at ALL levels.  How we play with this code is to acknowledge it throughout our day to day as it pops up in our reality on the clock, a license plate, a sign, a ticket number for an event etc, or maybe you’ll see it like I do on my phone every day as the number of emails I have in gmail.  No matter how many I clear out at any given time the number always goes back to 144. This is just another way for us to receive in this activating code which helps clear a pathway for our journey of evolution into a state of higher consciousness knowing ourselves at a deeper level, connected to all things through the embodiment of love.

This code was activated through the template overlays by gridkeepers & gatekeepers during the 2018 eclipses.

Update 5/21:
We are still activating this code as 12D has been anchored to Gaia and as we stand now, New Earth Realms are ready for each of us, it’s up to us to see them, choose them and work with them letting the old Earth / programs / beliefs etc fall away. These intense energies are ushering in brand new codes for brand new experiences in our evolution.  Feel everything through love, even upgrades. Be in flow and focused for what’s presenting. Let the old “stories” go. They no longer serve us or our Ascension.

They only serve  as a distraction keeping us running in circles on the hamster wheel in our head trying to “figure it / us” out.

Be present & conscious in order to stay in creator states of being to anchor in this new light / codes.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I love you ❤️