Saturday, around 3:30pm, after I was finished with my client sessions, I intended to paint but I was suddenly exhausted out of nowhere and knew we were being blasted on a planetary level with high frequency light so I chose to sit up in my bed (light pod) and receive. Higher light is now being felt / received 24/7 and the volume is cranked to high voltage levels! It was coming in fast so I laid back against my big pillow and within seconds I could feel the surge of energy.  I let myself surrender so my body could integrate this beautiful light.  This time was different from every other time, as the light was coming in I could see it, not just feel it, with my third eye.  It was like a shower / bath of beautiful golden light.  It reminded me of fairy dust, it was so sparkely and pure.  It reminded me of when my first higher self, Aluna, came in.  It was a blast of sparkely effervescent golden light that came down through my ascension column / tube torus.  It was pure magic!

As I was in union with this golden light allowing it to stream into my field, I felt an adjustment at the back of my neck in the occipital area, this is where the light codes enter to be alchemized / integrated by us per intel from the Mantid beings.  This is why the back of our neck and shoulders feel sore, we are processing light intel through this area.  Many of you are experiencing this. I’ve been writing about this for a few years now, but this time was different because the light was different.  It was pure Source Crystalline light frequency coming in.  I could feel it move throughout my body, I was bathed in it from head to toe and you were too, we were ALL receiving on a planetary level. Some of you are aware, you feel it and some not as aware just feeling the sleepy / exhausted part.

Why is this important?  Crystalline light is responsible for our Christ Consciousness / Unity Consciousness recalibration at a molecular level.  Crystalline light frequency reworks all glands, molecules and DNA to assist us in upgrading our light body template so we can hold more light.  The more light we hold the more we access our multidimensional / galactic self. The more we access those parts of us the more we release the polarity and duality of the 3D to access the higher timelines where we can create heaven on Earth or our New Earth experience.  This is where humanity is heading, some are aware, some are not.

After this light integration I’ve had some interesting intel come through that I wanted to share as part of this energy update.  I woke up this morning to a very clear message about our Earth, and all of humanity, being in a great transition right now.  This is a transition, as you may know, of dark to light.  This is not about democrat / republican, man vs man etc, this is about shedding the darkness and distortion we’ve been living under for decades.  The message was to “use the highest level discernment, noting is going to appear as it seems”. Good will appear in a negative way and Negative will appear in a good way.  Do you see the polarity at play?  We are shedding this from our state of being.  It must come up in a collective experience as well so humanity can release that timeline along with Gaia.

The belief systems we hold are not ours, they are an actual form of consciousness.  I’ve explained this in many of my YouTube videos. They were a construct of 3D to keep us in the game of duality along with our ego.  Because belief systems have a consciousness they argue back to make you believe something other than your higher self / Inner being, they are good at distracting us from our truth.  It’s like the depiction of the devil on our shoulder, they argue to keep the darkness in tack.  The key is to recognize when you are playing into the distortion.  This is just another way we’ve allowed ourselves to become separate from each other, the other way is in “choosing sides”.  We experienced it our entire life, it was very strong in school, sometimes feeling the pain of being chosen last for a team in gym, in religion being told we can’t speak directly to God (our Source within), we experience it when we separate out calling ourselves lightworkers / star-seeds / indigos / and so much more.  Its inbreed in our upbringing to “play into, create more and carry out” the distortion of separation.  When will it end?  It ends when we end it.  Now I’m not saying “defining” our role, who we are, believe ourselves to be is bad, it’s what’s helped many open to their Divine light but it’s time to see that as part of the distortion we create unknowingly.

Right now we need ALL open and willing hearts to hold light, many are not there yet and that’s ok.  If you are set on a particular candidate getting into office, you are not tuned into the energetics needed to discern the vibration of the 5D timeline.  Letting go of the party line and looking to the highest outcome allows us to see that it all needs to be broken apart and thrown away as party lines, such as democrat and republican, cannot serve a role in the higher 5D timeline.  If you’ve played into the fodder of what’s playing out in the political arena it’s ok, take a breath and reset.  You participated in order to call up that timeline in your field so you could see what you are creating in / playing in more clearly.  Use this time to release that distortion.  If you didn’t choose based on party line and chose based on energy / vibration / higher self then keep going and hold that light as we are in the greatest transition from dark to light, WE, as a collective, will ever know.  All willing hearts that are open are needed more than ever to continue to support this shift.  We are each play a very important role in this breaking down / apart in order to rebuild in the higher light to serve humanity as a whole as opposed to serving the few where the collective of humanity suffer.

As we head into the upcoming days / weeks stay present and discerning.  All is not as it appears.  We have amazing everything on the other side of this, but it requires we flow through this in Divine Neutrality.  When you feel the pressure building within do something to alleviate it, remember that we are not just feeling what is presenting for us we are also feeling the collective consciousness as well as navigating past belief systems wanting us to stay in the 3D game of separation.  How do we know where we are?  It will bring discomfort and or pain each time we choose the lower-level distortion as a reminder we cannot longer create there as 3D cannot hold the higher light frequency.  As the light quotient in our body increases it will be more difficult to choose lower-level distortion.  When we are in the higher timelines, we can no longer create distortion, it is not possible.

Now is the time to tune out of what is playing out.  You’ve heard me say this in my videos many times, this is a “movie” we are watching.  It’s been scripted and all the key players are acting their part for the “great awakening”.  When we see this reality in it’s truth we will see that we have been sleeping in the 3D, playing a role to feed our own entrapment in the matrix of this planet.  Now it’s time for us to see our truth, awaken with the energy upgrades, amplify our field and light body template to match the new field and template of the 5D Earth being created.  Earth is not yet 5D in the physical, this is where we come in.  We entered our physical ascension in 2017 when Gaia shifted from her spiritual ascension to physical.  In October of that year we saw the “Me Too” movement start up, all root chakra related, Huge Heffner and Playboy died as well as so much more.  Gaia is clearing her field of the distortion in the physical, humanity has played a role in assisting her and now we much step up and hold the new light consciousness, the Crystalline-Plasma light frequency in order to HOLD Unity Consciousness as a collective to support this shift.  We are accessing the new template overlay each time we choose higher which allows more to shift into that higher light timeline / field.  Ascension is a choice, please remember that.

The good news is WE are doing it so stand strong, be fearless!  We are in the greatest times we will ever know.  All history will be discarded, and new history will replace it with stories of how we transitioned our beautiful planet into a planet of Love, Compassion, Sharing & Caring.  These next few weeks require we stand in our Creator States of being and see where we still need to shift in order to anchor more light.  Everyone must care about each other, there is no room for shame, blame or judgement.  Love those who are not yet there, do not push them awake, it’s not our job.  Everything is synched up to the time-locks, it happens according to the Divine blueprint within each and we must remember “free will” is still intact.  Be love and understanding to all, be discerning to see what is presenting and choose the highest timeline.  Be creative in any way that brings you joy, we are in 5D when we are creating.  Let’s not wait for unity meditations or specific times to gather to hold love, do it all day every day, this is just more separation saying we need to gather here and do it at this time.  That’s all the human perception and belief system at play.  See it all for its truth.  Be light and love 24/7, when we are light, we DO NOT take a break and serve it at specific times. Unity meditations are great reminders to unify in love and peace, use it as a means of celebration in unity and light because even the “collective meditation experience” can hold fear from the point of creation if one does not perceive it as an “exercise in consciousness” as opposed to a “urgent need”.  Let’s be Conscious Co-Creators within our Universe / Multiverse.  As you can see, I’m here to deconstruct this false matrix and bring down distortion still being fed through outdated beliefs.  Our time is now, let’s end the game of separation at our individual level first so we can heal it as a collective.  There is ‘No-thing” more to do other than be love in every moment.  It raises our vibration as well as the vibration within the collective and that of Gaia.  Love is love, it knows no boundaries and no rules.  Lets play by the rules of Love, I love you!