During my trip to see my brother in NC I had an activation the last day I was there. Gravity went and right on the sidewalk of Asheville I went over on my left side without any warning. I fell right on my left shoulder as there was no time to brace myself. There was no black and blue nor was I injured in any way. On my flight home the next day I felt gravity leave my body again as we hit 30,000 feet. My eyes were closed in meditation and I became very aware of my energy field and my universe all at once. I opened my eyes to see where I was because I didn’t feel myself on the plane although I was, I was still in my seat.

This experience was an activation of another higher self filling more of my physical body. Monday and Tuesday I was in bed all day because my head and eyes hurt so bad I had no energy to do anything other than rest. I was experiencing cranial expansion, activating into a higher state of consciousness. I couldn’t think. My body was going through what’s called a “template wipe”. I had a slight fever as the old data, toxins etc were being burned off to make room for this new higher self activation. Tuesday around 3pm I was aware of myself in another dimension in front of a being from Nibiru placing a string of Rose Quartz beads around my neck calling me “Faith” and expressing the tremendous job I just completed which was the support to Gaia in clearing the Akash from her because she holds all of our records. I was told that I did this through my frequency. Apparently this Higher Self presence is very different and unlink Aluna (unconditional love), Stellaria (connects me to the solar grid) and Erta (connects me to Gaia) this new aspect is connecting me to the frequency of all things through the Codex I carry in my Aura field. I still don’t fully understand it, time and lots of connecting in is required now.

I’ve learned through this experience that “Faith” is an acronym, unlike the other higher self aspects, and stands for “Frequency Activator Intermediary Transcending Humanity”. This is apparently my focus in all my connections at this time. As I said, I’m still in the process of understanding how this all works as I integrate this new aspect of myself. It’s already started to become an asset to not only myself but those I connect with.

We ALL have a divine purpose on the Earth at this time as we assist in the preparation of our transition/ transformation into 2020/2022. We must make time to do the work. Slow down, release what doesn’t feel good, make time to go within because when we don’t your Universe will slow you down and that’s not how we want to do this. Be the love you’re looking for, give it to yourself first then everyone / everything else. I can’t express how important self love is. Be present, be aware and most of all be love. I love you

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