Greetings! This video has details of what you can expect when you join our Ascension Alchemy Mastery School community. The goal of this community is to provide a safe, sacred space where each can be on their individual and unique Ascension path and yet come together as a community to expand our consciousness in Unity. I will provide you with support, insight, and guidance on both a person level as well as a collective level. There will be meditations, and channeled messages from our higher realms. The goal of this Mastery School is not to teach you but rather assist you in remembering all you already are. This is a safe place to share, learn and grow. There are additional tools to support all your needs NOTE: We are currently meeting once a week at various times to accommodate all time zones. We will go to the next phase of 2 live meetings and 2 supplemental videos when called for as we are still navigating these turbulent energies and it’s my desire to support you through.

Although this portal is now closed, my goal is to create a new portal opening in November, 2021  We look forward to having you join us then!