If you answered “yes” say goodbye to your old 3D carbon based body and say hello to your newly upgraded multidimensional silica / Crystalline-Plasma light body!!

We are no longer defined by our body, the energies are too high now making for a perfect environment to continually upgrade our physical vessel.  The illusion we believed was that our body is a carbon based body which rises from the Earth and transitions back to Earth at the time of death.  The veil helped impose this restriction.  This is a 3D belief.

Our body is now an evolving light body which will give us the ability to let go of the aging process through our ability to regenerate our cells in a higher molecular capacity through these light frequencies  / light codes and key code upgrades.

This process is occurring through our Ascension.  In each moment we are evolving our physical body into light.  This is why I’ve been sharing about the sun and solar / cosmic frequencies for the last 7 years.  It’s been happening with or without our awareness.

If we still perceive ourselves in a 3D body we must let that belief system go in order to integrate these codes, which makes our experience easier.   The more we resist our truth in who we are becoming and hold onto the 3D body beliefs  the more challenging it will become.  Remember, resistance brings pain and suffering.  We can not resist our transition into our Golden Race DNA (Age of Aquarius), if we resist we shorten our time here in the physical.

The good news is that with our evolution into our light body we will begin to notice that  we have the ability to roll back the hands of time and reverse our aging process.  Our light body is bringing us into a whole new level of being.  The more care we give ourselves, the more we nurture ourselves, the more rejuvenated and revitalized we become.

We must let go of the belief that we are our body, we are not!  Our body is becoming something magical beyond our comprehension through these ascension upgrades.  Remember, they are not symptoms, using that word tied us to 3D which is where it’s vibration resides.  The word UPGRADE is a higher vibration 5D word, it smooths out our process integrating these frequencies/ codes.

Our Ascension is our CHOICE, we can make it challenging or make it smooth and easy through the beliefs we are allowing in our thoughts, words & actions.  Ascension Symptoms or Upgrades?  Choose wisely! I love you ❤️