WE are moving at a rapid pace right now as the number of those awakening is rising each day.  This is of great importance since the vibration of Gaia needs to continue to raise for all to meet the NEW timelines available in 5D New Earth which being offered now.  This means we are all jumping from the old 3D “consciousness” of restriction and limitation which needed to have a war in order to rectify an unbalance in the system to a 5D “consciousness” which operates through Unity and Freedom which means that NO ONE is less than another or gets left behind.

5D is the new model but the change is coming with a great price as we are all being asked to choose our personal path through our process of Ascension and in doing so we are being forced to move on from the things that once resonated that we held as our belief to a new vison of how we want our future to be, one of Freedom and truth and in choosing higher loosing connections with those not choosing the same.  Everything is a choice made on an individual basis through Free Will, it is a choice.  No tells another what to choose, no one runs the show for us in 5D.  We are Sovereign.  We are the creator of all which means that we need to be present in each moment to gain clarity on what is presenting, we choose our path and in the same right we choose our destiny.    Many are choosing the new higher timelines seeing beyond the veil of illusion in the old 3D matrix which has been the restriction humanity has been living under, the new higher timelines bring cannot hold separation.  There are no boarders.

Emotional tension is high as this shift is creating a division in this moment which will continue until enough energy shifts for all to be fully awakened.  The energy of Fear, which is the illusion of 3D, is so strong many are going to need to fight to keep shifting up through conscious effort in waking themselves through the enactment of the fear through anger.  This is the first step of Cognitive Dissonance.

Emotional freedom is also high, existing in 5D where no distortion can exist.  5D can not hold anything less than TRUTH, a word which holds an extremely high vibration.  Why is it important to know that truth holds a high 5D vibration?  It is important because it is where the battle is being fought.  The 3D reality is colliding with the 5D reality, that collision which is based on “information” is now creating a disruption between the difference in what you have “believed” to be your truth and what is “reality”.  We could say that we are all existing in a reality created by our thoughts, each on an individual timeline.

Awakening happens through sharing, sharing is derived of love, love is 5D.  Navigating our reality happens moment to moment as seen in the vast numbers awakening through the “sharing” of information.  If we are a good receiver, we take in the information to see if it can add to the goodness of our reality.  It is not about the information itself but about the receiver of the information, YOU.  You decide in the moment the information is showing up how you are going to respond to it.  If you are seeing the information as a “threat” to what you believe to be true then it will be challenging for you to receive in this information and assimilate it into your already existing reality.  On the other hand if you receive information and are one who can easily see the benefit in making changes in your reality in order to bring your reality into alignment with that which matches the direction in which you see yourself heading then it will be easier for you to assimilate the new information because there is no ridged belief system managing your reality.  That ridged belief system is the prison holding us back from our ability to evolve into new processes through new ways of thinking.

We are all here in this reality on this great planet Earth at this time because we “chose” to be here through our soul contract.  For those of you unaware we are fractals of Source consciousness.  In Source’s desire to know itself in away outside of its designation as Source we were created.  Through Earth’s ability to hold polarity and duality we were given the opportunity to experience ourselves in many facets, some good and some not so good.  The choice in how we live, what we choose and how we behave is always up to us and the choice in that experience is vast since Earth holds the frequency of the 3D matrix which allows for there to be a lack of truth, but this is the game…right?  We are like one global “Big Brother” show in which everyone, through the distortion of 3D, believes they have it right, understands the truth in this reality, perceives there is only one way which is theirs and at a point may need to fight to the end to ultimately prove they are right.  This is where the illusion is.  Can you see it?  It is a program running, a program that has been fed to us the moment we were born.  Through that birth process we were handed the “Book of Life” by our parents which held generational views and opinions were imprinted in us from that moment of birth.  The veil goes up and we lose our identity until we discover it again.  We hold those beliefs and champion each cause, we have been wired to be  determined to fight it out to the death holding on to that old belief but it doesn’t fit any more as the Earth and everything on her is evolving.  I have been writing about this for years.  Programs, beliefs, and patterns are all the illusion.

We are in a silent Civil War with each other over beliefs, no shots fired, no alarm sounded, it’s quiet and it’s alarming to see and feel.  We are fighting with each other over old beliefs, one half of us wants to stick to the old ways because they are what we know and that makes us comfortable and the other half wants truth even at the expense of disrupting comfort for a minute in order to change the direction we in heading in because what is presenting in the new reality feels better.

This is the 3D to 5D model.  3D is the heavily distorted perception of freedom called “illusion” and 5D is truth, it cannot hold anything less because there is not polarity or duality in the vibrational consciousness of 5D.  This is how you know if you are being honest with yourself or if you are cheating yourself in your choice of realities and following the old illusion of 3D.  Shifting into the higher timelines require getting honest with ourselves about where we are vs where we desire to be in our reality, being brave enough to put our weapons of mass destruction down, “words”, to allow ourselves to come out of our thinking mind and into our heart in order to be present in a higher state of consciousness.  Will we anchor in immediately? No, it will be like a dance, 3D to 5D, back and forth until we feel comfortable in our surroundings.

Fighting with each other is not the answer.  That is a silent Civil War, we have already been there in our history, do we really want to go backwards and repeat that pattern? That is an old timeline being tapped into.  If we are fighting with someone, we are going outside of ourselves to resolve the conflict that’s really held within.  We go within to resolve what is presenting within our reality, we do not go outside and challenge another to shift.  The work is always pointing to the return within.  Conflict is a nudge from your Universe showing you something needs to change; something is out of balance.  5D is am extremely high frequency, if you have not done the work it will make you feel uncomfortable and unbalanced until you release enough of the 3D distortion to shift higher.

As you are working through all that is presenting in your reality I ask that before you look outside of yourself to make someone else wrong please go within and ask yourself why their difference of opinion makes you feel uncomfortable.  We get triggered so we can go deeper and identify where our next shift in letting go / stepping up might be in order to anchor more light which requires us to let go of the distortions of the illusion which are not ours, remember?   We came in knowing our truth but got handed a 3D playbook filled with ideas of how we should expect our life on Earth to be.  That’s the old playbook, I encourage you to put it in the recycle bin and instead of reading another New Earth 5D play book invest in spending time with yourself to know what your truth is and stand in it even if it’s different from someone else’s truth.  One of the most beautiful things about Gaia is that she accepts us all and has, to the best of my knowledge, never kicked anyone off because she didn’t agree with how they were living, behaving, thinking or expressing themselves.  She loves us all and I love you