Many of you felt the energy shift I posted about yesterday which was the ”kick off” for this 12:12 gateway. These energies are going to intensify as we begin to align now to the “final” 12:12 gateway as we bring to a conclusion this 7 year ascension period in order to align to these new energies of 2020, 22 master energy, 4 foundational / master builder energy. It will feel blissy and peaceful to some and intense and challenging for others. It’s based on where you are aligning your frequency. Choosing timelines wisely is critical now, a higher aligned choice will lighten your experience. When we choose the same, refusing to let go of the old / outdated ways / behaviors / thoughts that can no longer be supported by these higher frequencies, our experience will feel more uncomfortable in our physical body with chaos in our lives and in likeness if we are making choices that are serving to raise our vibration, those choices that are better suited to our needs we will have a better experience and our body will handle the release of old discordant energies better which means less discomfort. Those who are on their spiritual path, rooted in their ascension will flow with more grace & ease.

Our bodies are trying to tune into a new higher aligned frequency to meet the new 2020 timelines presenting. An example of that higher frequency is when I post those “daily” rainbow pics. That lets me know I’ve anchored in a more 5D frequency because they are showing up “daily”, rainbows are 4D so when they begin to appear regularly in my reality it’s because there’s a heightened shift up, in anchoring more light in my body. It’s one way to gauge where your vibration / frequency is. Remember that tuning your body’s frequency is the same as tuning the radio station in your car. Another example of frequency is those of you who read this and don’t understand what I’m saying, you can use that as an indicator that there’s work you need to do to raise your vibration so you can move through this period with grace & ease. Keep reading, you will eventually read it and it’ll make sense. This period that’s building now will run through 1:11:2020. The greater your awareness of what is taking place in your reality the more control you will have. If you ware struggling with understanding it’s a sign to do more to bring yourself up to speed with these energies.

Ways in which to support your body include eating lighter higher vibe foods, staying hydrated as our cells are the key players in these upgrades and need lots of clean water. Let go of mental clutter, release emotional baggage, rest when needed. If you are unsure of what you’re experiencing see a doctor to rule out anything serious. We are going to see more activity in the heart with palpitations and flutters, you may feel electrical surges running through your body like you’re plugged into an outlet, you will experience louder tones in your ears, you may feel panic attacks, vertigo, release of excessive mucus, nausea etc. The Earth & Humanity have never gone this far before. Use discernment and don’t create contrast, don’t judge others or yourself / your experience. I’ve been writing about this for the last 4-5 years, if you’re new here or lost as to what’s going on you can go back and read posts from January through now for a clearer understanding or have a session. Either way it’s about you investing in you, making time for you, loving you more in each moment.

If you are experiencing chaos in your life which could be presenting through an illness or problems popping up one after the other, or life throwing you constant curve balls this is happening because you are stuck in patterns and behaviors (programs) that you are running which need to change. Your higher self is trying to “wake you up” through the onset and continued chaos to get you to a place of being so sick of being sick you finally surrender and let your higher self drive your body vehicle in place of your ego. This is where you let go of the need to participate from outside and go within. Really digest that for a minute, this is where the “collective” resides right now. Change is required, period!

I ask that each make a conscious choice to choose thoughts, words and actions that are higher in vibration so you / we, as a collective are not “feeding the negative”. We need a “collective raise in vibration” to bring up the frequency during this time and support our global ascension process. It’s about meeting these new timelines and anchoring in by releasing the old.

Over the next week I’ll be taking time away from social media as I will be assisting in anchoring these energies and only sharing / responding if needed. My focus will be on my client sessions as well as receiving what is coming through in order to support ascension throughout the collective. Some of you have mentioned to me privately that my writings have been assisting / supporting your personal process and in appreciation you desire to support my work In some way. One way is to share these messages with others, and in doing so you are supporting the collective ascension process. Another way, if you are using the work and have / are benefiting from these writings, is to make a donation at my website to support these continuous writings / sharings that support the collective. It’s my mission to support the collective through ascension which has been a labor of love over these past years. I’m always in deep appreciation for those of you who support my work because in the end this is not about me it’s about WE, the collective, no matter where you reside physically or in your spiritual practice. Your love and support keeps / makes this writing / sharing possible. Thank you from my heart to yours.  As a frequency activator holding the Christ codex in my field, each time you click like or post a comment or share my post and through the exchange I “like it with a heart”, in that moment “I see you” and am sending a stream of loving light from my heart to yours for your higher self to take in and assimilate in whatever way it chooses for your greatest / highest aligned benefit.

We are in the greatest time of our lives, it requires that we pay attention to what we need in order to create the happiest, most highly aligned version of ourselves. Be allowing, be teachable and keep an open heart. Be love for yourself first, fill your cup. Love raises your vibration, use it in all you do. These are exciting times, let’s rock this!!  I love you