It’s true, our abundance is tied directly to our energy and our energy equals our time.  So let’s look at how this is our truth and then discuss how we can shift our energy in order to be more abundant.

In the past there was Law of Attraction which had us make a vision board and look at it everyday to get us thinking about, dreaming about the things we’d like to have including money.  The problem with this process is that we can’t manifest through thinking alone, here’s why.  The “energy” of a thought is  electric in nature which is only a “spark” in the manifestation process but it will not bring abundance to us, it will only send the message to our universe telling it what we’re thinking about in that moment.  It would be like putting the key in the ignition of your car and turning it.  That action sparks the car to start but another component is needed for to car to move. So the process of thinking into existence what you want or need is not the answer.

Before I get to the answer, the key to successful abundance let’s look at another area, TIME.   How about our energy as time?  It’s true that our energy equals our time.  The more time we spend chasing our dream the less time we are spending manifesting our dream.

How about other people requiring our time?  Have you ever looked at how much time you’re giving away where your time is not truly honored, respected or valued by others and if you’re giving so much time / energy away you start feeling depleted?  If the answer is yes, you are not honoring, respecting or valuing your own time.

How about your relationship to money? Do you see money as hard to come by?  Money is constantly challenging you? Do you realize money holds its own vibration?  If you struggle with money it’s because there’s a mismatch in your vibration to money’s vibration and all that’s needed is to rebalance that vibrational misalignment. I see this all the time with people perceiving money as hard to come by.  I was one of those people until 3 years ago when I had to dig deep to see why I was always challenged with money.  Since I got my vibration straight with money it’s never been a problem again. Wouldn’t you love you have the same experience?  It’s really not as difficult as it seems.

The answer to abundance is held in not devaluing our soul by giving ourselves / products / offerings away for free or at very little cost, way below the true value.  That only serves to feed the lack program that a great majority of humanity is still tied to from their incarnation into this physicalized state of being. Lack is victim hood consciousness, they go hand in hand and operate two ways.  Keep following, I’ll explain…

Abundance is tied to our energy and our energy is tied to our “SOUL”.  We are here in this incarnation to learn to HONOR our soul through “self love”. This is not a secret, I’ve been writing about this for years.  In order to honor our soul we must choose things / actions / relationships that are in our highest best interest, not the ones that deplete us.  If we allow ourselves to become depleted we are playing into the lack program.  The soul contracts of servitude, vows of poverty etc ended on 2012.  All of that is done as is karma.  Ascension is about reclaiming our birthright and an aspect of that is our own abundant state of being.

When we choose to honor our soul through an exchange with another in the way of money or time we are showing up for our own soul supporting ourselves and at the same time we’re showing up honoring the offerings of the other soul amplifying their experience. We must invest in our soul, it’s part of our experience here.  If we hold the idea that there should always be free teachings, offerings, healings etc for us to enjoy we are saying they are not WORTH investing in, and our SOUL is not WORTH investing in.

We can not step into a 5D New Earth experience from a place of lack, lack is a program in the matrix of 3D.

So how do we achieve abundance? Abundance is a state of “being”, that’s it, plain an simple.  So simple it feels like the most challenging thing to accomplish in the universe but it’s not.  Think about it this way, if our abundance is tied to our energy (our energy is our soul) then we must 1- satisfy our souls desires and if there’s an investment we pay it (art classes, healing sessions, travel, spiritual tools etc) 2- hold the “desire” to be abundant and keep holding, this is the challenging part 😉 and that’s because desires energy is “magnetic”.  When we desire something we’ve already sent out the “thought Spark” which is the key in the ignition, which we follow with desire as we “hold” deep inside of us on an energetic level. In that exchange we’ve “stepped on the gas” to fully become that which we desire.  3- the next step is in knowing yourself as an abundant being, this is where we stand in our power seeing, owning and honoring our own value not playing small or feeding anyone else’s lack program.  We’ve flipped the script to our universe and who’ll no longer ATTRACT to us anything that is not a direct vibrational match to our state of abundance.

When we realize that everything is energy, including us, life becomes easier to navigate.  If we don’t like what is playing out we raise our vibration and choose a new timeline to experience.  If you’re struggling with abundance I encourage you to look at how you are treating your energy, your time and your soul.  That’s where your first step is.  I live by example, I walk my talk. Last night in my Ascension Mastery School gathering I shared this exact information (maybe a bit more 😉) with those in attendance and woke up this morning to 3 new sessions booked!  It never fails.  When I give my hugest everything to those who are a vibrational match my universe offers me a return on what I sent out.  This is how abundance works.

Remember, your soul must come first, self love is key which is a high vibrational state of being that our universe matches in kind with great joy and was because YOU / WE are our universe! Keep reminding yourself “My universe is within me!” all day long for the next 7 days to support your shift in awareness and watch the magic happen.  I love you ❤️