As we see the lower 3D timelines of distortion continue to dissolve through public unrest & restriction we must remember to hold the incoming light frequencies of the Solar Cosmic Christ in order to strengthen our vision of where we are heading as we navigate these next week’s.  If you are focusing on a single situation, person or place you will miss the experience completely as this is a global collective shift, and everyone, everything is a key player to the success of our ascension timeline.  We are history in the making!

When we are present we can view all that is occurring as a story line in a chapter needing to complete so we can move to the next chapter and finish the book.  It may feel very physical at times, the key to which is awareness.  When we are present in our awareness we can use the higher timeline frequencies to adjust our field / experience.  Freedom codes, Trinity codes and higher frequencies will begin to shift our awareness which will bring us into many revelations of who we’ve been, who we are as well as where we are heading.

Stay focused and breathe through anything that feels uncomfortable. Be a “conscious observer” of all things knowing everything has a purpose for its occurrence in our reality and we don’t have to fully understand it in order to use the experience to shift us higher.  In each moment be love, for yourself first so you can offer that love to everyone you encounter.  I love you. ️