‪Our energy is our “vibrational currency”.  In each moment through our thoughts, words and actions we are choosing how we spend it.‬

‪Our body is the bank in which it’s held.  Good thoughts, words & actions and your bank account receives deposits which raise our vibration but in ‬the same way, when our thoughts, words & actions are not serving our (or anyone else’s) highest good our body feels the withdrawal from our vibrational bank account which then aligns us to all things of that same vibration and we not only feel it within our body but we‬ ‪experience it in our reality.‬

‪Thoughts, emotions & actions imprint within the loops of our torus field (electromagnetic field).  This imprinting is what holds us to patterns, beliefs and our own separation through the subconscious/ unconscious. Over time these thoughts, ‬emotions & actions imprint enough to become a strong hold belief which then moves from the torus field into the physical body and illness sets in. This is a very high level overview of why / how we get sick. My work is based on this.‬

‪We can prevent illness if we begin to hold ‬ ‪awareness to all we are thinking, feeling & doing (thoughts, words & actions) this is the key.  We can constantly redirect and add to our vibrational currency through awareness rather than the physicalized experience. In one example our consciousness holds the impact of all ‬ ‪that is showing up, emotions are not engaged.  We “see” what is presenting & keep choosing higher and in the second example our consciousness is not fully engaged and we are using our body to take the impact because we’ve engaged the emotional system deferring to the old ways ‬of experiencing all from a very physicalized perspective.  The “choice” is always ours.‬

‪Now add to this that in every moment we are also tuned into Gaia’s electromagnetic field which holds these torus band frequencies which is virtually a melting pot of the thoughts, emotions, ‪and actions of the collective consciousness and now you have a party! This is why it’s so hard to beat certain illnesses. You are not only trying to fight your way out of your thoughts, words & actions to shift higher in order to heal but your electromagnetic field is tapped ‬into / plugged into the collective consciousness!! This amplifies everything to the highest degree.‬

‪Next time you are angry, frustrated etc remind yourself this is being deposited into your vibrational bank account (body) which will become part of your physical experience.‬ ‪We are choosing our reality/ experience in each moment through each though, word & action.  I’ve been there with cancer twice, it was the crisis that awakened me to this work pushing me deeper. I’m careful spending my vibrational currency. Each holds bliss…‬

‪How about you??‬