The last few days I could feel I was going through a DNA activation. Last night it came to it’s fullness.  I woke up this morning with the memory of what transpired during this activation. It had to do with the new Trinity Codes / Triality Codes and a new template overlay / upgrade I was going through.

I remember  going through “stations”, each being a test of sorts for me to navigate.  The stations were different life choices I needed to make / commit to.  They were aligning with how I choose to live my experience in my physical reality here, now.

At the end of the process I found myself standing before my council.  I was congratulated on a “job well done” in making higher choices / commitments that would allow me to activate my “Divine Mother (Feminine) Template”, a template for the creation of New Earth which has to do with the new Crystalline Triality Codes.  It was extremely powerful. I felt lighter and more aligned upon waking.

We are ALL going through or will be going to go through this.  This is the changeover to the New Earth Template.

My work has reflected this preparation over the last few years in order to assist / support in creating awareness of how New Earth Realms are structured from a consciousness perspective.  I understand from this process it requires us to 1) stand in our authenticity 2) operate from integrity 3) hold NO agendas 4) hold NO lack 5) we must operate from a place of caring, sharing, love, support and consciousness 6) hold NO separation within which means we do not see ourselves separate from Source or each other.

I will share more as I unpack this download.  I wanted to share this information with you to create awareness.  These codes activated in January 2022.  There’s nothing to do, we must embody our highest creator states.

These pictures of the sun reflects these Diamond / Crystalline light Triality codes. Please enjoy the activation if you do choose.  Love you ❤️