You may have noticed a shift in the energies over this past week.  Sunday was the heaviest point as many were perceiving they had slipped back into a space of despair and sadness which they’d worked so hard to ascend from as they journeyed their way beyond the realm of 3D distortions.  If you felt / feel the heaviness you are not alone, we’re supposed to see it and possibly feel it in order to tell the difference between what we’re leaving behind (3D) in order to feel / see where we’re heading (5D).  We have not seen the true 3D matrix in its very physicalized form until now, this past week is making it very palpable.  These last few years we’ve been integrating the light required to anchor 5D with much help / support on many levels.  5D is lighter, fluffier, euphoric in nature filled with bliss, love and peace.  When we’re in that state it’s very easy to forget that’s where you are because we are not focused on feeling anything other than happy.  It’s not until something pulls us out of peace and happy, handing us fear and restriction that we realize we are no longer in our 5D state.  This is what many are experiencing right now as the 3D timeline has been brought to the surface in a very palpable way for one last look before it self-implodes, and it will.

We are Quantum right now, there is no going back.  Whatever is not of the higher light must shift to align in order to sustain itself or fall away.  Each day we are being asked to look at where we are in our process.  Are we allowing this last look at the chaos of 3D, duality, separation, blame, shame, guilt, abuse of power and more importantly manipulation which creates its mirror of victimhood to pull us out of our “creator state”?  Pull us out of our 5D timeline, the timeline that allows us to know ourselves as Source and as such perceive ourselves as being able to create our highest excitement even though it looks as if everything around us is about to crash and burn?  Perception is everything now.  The less we take in and harbor the distortion playing out the more we anchor in the higher Divine light, the faster everything shifts.

I’ve written, talked about, self / soul mastery for the last 4 years and now it’s time to put it into action.  We are the creator of all of it so we can’t run / hide from something that is not feeling good because in truth, we created it and we’re going to continue to experience it until we create the change needed to shift it.  How do I know this?  I practice being present and aware of everything that shows up in my reality.  I’ve come to realize that if I don’t like something, I need to shift it because I created it, knowingly or unknowingly.  My days are filled with peace and harmony but that wasn’t always the case.  I’ve had years of suffering because I believed that was the only way.  My work has pulled me front and center to witness my own creation through each thought, word and action.  If we are unconscious, we are not aware of what we are creating / manifesting into our reality.  I choose not to be unconscious any longer, that state of being holds pain and suffering.  Every time my human forgets and creates unconsciously my experience is not always highly aligned.  I have developed great appreciation for being aware and conscious of everything I create; life is in flow now.  I understand what it’s like to feel one with all things and in feeling one with all things I understand unity consciousness. I take into consideration the needs of the whole, so no one is left out, I don’t suffer, you don’t suffer, and all is in harmony.   I’m seeing it through my work.  It’s so much fun to see the beautiful souls, doing their work with me, showing up in their creator states tuned into my frequency, me into theirs, as well as each other’s through telepathy which is now amplified in these higher light frequencies.  Lots of synchronicities presenting.  When this happens in a group dynamic it creates the feeling of home, family, oneness, love, caring and sharing.  Unity consciousness is real, but it takes work, it takes change, it requires we see beyond the distortion of duality choosing the ability to create over the need to wallow in the chaos presenting which will be over in a matter of weeks because it can no longer sustain in these higher frequencies so don’t give it your focus, unless you need to use it to shift.

How can we work with these energies in this challenging time?  We must see everything outside of us as roadmap for where we are in our state of being.  Are we pointing fingers, blaming, shaming, separating because another’s views or opinions differ from ours?  If the answer is yes, then we are operating from the 3D timeline and must ask ourselves “what does it matter if someone else’s opinion is different?” and see this experience as an opportunity to shift into a state of tolerance and patience.  We remind ourselves in each moment, it’s not “their” job to heal / shift this, it’s mine!  I’m the one creating it so I can learn to let go and step into higher states of consciousness.  No one “out there” is doing anything “to” us, WE are creating it all in order to know ourselves as Source.  When we understand that this is the experience we came to Earth for, the experience we were meant to have all along but we didn’t see it, couldn’t see it or know it in the old 3D because we were behind the veil / curtain… we can’t see anything beyond ourselves from that point so we were operating in the ego self of wanting things to show up in a certain way that felt good to make life easier but as you know that didn’t always happen.  That veil was part of our game of separation, from ourselves and Source.  It created an opportunity for victimhood where we fell into the trap of perceiving ourselves as less than the person next to us so we never used our innate power.  This old way, the 3D dualistic way, is no longer an option in this higher light.

Unity consciousness asks us to look at the good of the whole, what is in the highest interest of all.  It means we don’t allow ourselves to show up in / play in states of lack consciousness or victimhood.  There is a lot of manipulation playing out right now in the 3D timeline.  Manipulation has another side which is victimhood, they go hand in hand.  If you find yourself feeling manipulated, becoming a victim through the manipulation of another we must first look at our part to see how we are co-creating that experience in order to heal it.  Are we playing out lack in order to amplify another or are we playing small giving our power away?  We must see everything showing up in our reality from our creator state, this is how we will understand what needs to change.  The key is to shift it and close that timeline before the timeline deconstructs and collapses on us.  When we close it out we self-empower.

As we move into February things may “appear” more challenging from the surface view as the distortion of the 3D timeline and all it represents continues to take center stage.  Don’t feed the narratives / agenda’s being pushed, tuning in and watching will only serve to disconnect you from your truth.  We can only perceive our truth when we become quiet and turn inward to connect to the Source within us.  If you feel triggered by anything playing out remind yourself you are watching a timeline deconstruct as if you were watching a movie then get into your creator state and create something, anything.  Creating activates 5D light frequencies, helps us connect to the quantum field and from there, ALL things are possible.  Remember, we are not waiting for someone to save us, we are stepping into sovereignty, it’s our job to manage and govern ourselves.  See all from the point of Divine Neutrality, give all love, and don’t feed fear.  We are operating from our heart center now and from that space we are stepping forward with new revelations on a personal level as well as collective and in doing so we are transcending old narratives.  Nothing operating in the lower frequency can remain, it’s a time for renewal and rebirth.

Celebrate yourself, each other, new earth and the new life waiting for us when we choose to see all things from love.  Be a conduit for compassion, caring, tolerance and patience with each other as we are all doing our best in these uncharted energies going to a place where none of us has gone before in this life experience.  Be excited for the possibilities, be present to be one with the experience of this rebirth and be love for yourself first because in being love for ourselves we are certain love is being anchored into our new earth experience for all to receive especially those who are not there yet.  We serve the collective, not the self and through our collective experience in Unity and love with each other everything is possible!  The best is yet to come, I love you <3