We continue to see the very physical dismantling of the old matrix as it plays out through the protests & rioting.‬

‪The individuals choosing to participate in a physical way, rioting etc, are moving the energy of imbalance and division in this way as a means to bring it up ‪yo be transmuted & cleared so healing can begin.  This is what “their” soul chose for this shift in consciousness taking place.  ‬

‪This is all driven off the soul and the experience it chose prior to incarnation.  “Free will” can be invoked in order shift away from that outdated ‪contract to create a new “soul agreement” which would align them with the higher timelines of Freedom, Love & Unity which the rest of us are feeling and amplifying through our awareness.

‪Those choosing not to participate physically are holding light in the higher timelines being seen & felt as ‪we continue to support the collective experience as it plays on.

‪Remember everything you are “seeing” is a “movie” in a holographic reality that has been scripted and runs on autopilot. There is nothing more to do than sit back and observe. Fighting with someone to “wake them up” so they ‪ can see the bigger picture is not how we do it.  Their “higher self” knows exactly when to “flip the switch” to awaken the human to the higher timeline experience.‬

‪If you feel that you must “do something” and are unsure what that might be, simply hold love in each moment ‪ to support the collective shift.  Now more than ever it is very important to anchor in love as we have hit the tipping point and are now about to see the next shift.‬ Every choice we make either aligns us more deeply con our “soul path” or takes us “off roading” where we may experience bumps & bruises or worse. It will keep getting worse until you recognize you are not meant to be there and shift. This is how it all works.  It’s your spiritual GPS indicating you’ve gone “off course” and need to be rerouted.

‪The best this we can do is be a conscious observer, leave the emotions out. Breathe and autocorrect your thoughts. This must play out exactly as it is. Let go of the fear of the virus, vaccinations etc.  This will have a happy ending but it will get bumpy for a little bit longer.  We got this! ‬