Words are “cast” from our mouth as an energetic vibration / frequency creating our reality through our spoken words.  When we speak we are sending that message through the words we choose out to our Universe for creation in manifestation.

Think about the psychological play that is being used without our awareness.  The electricity goes out and the government agency says “don’t worry we’ll restore your “power” shortly”. Why not say your electricity?

Having downtime I started to see into the depth to which we’ve allowed ourselves to be manipulated into believing we can have our “power” taken from us and as a result “feel” powerless.

This is in every facet of our lives.  When you tune in higher you will start to see the game you’ve been seduced into playing through the karmic loop of the 3D game of incarnation playing in duality in a magnetically polarized field.

Is it true that you can become disempowered?  Can your power be taken from you? What else do you believe about yourself that’s not your truth? If you’ve followed my posts in the past I talk about how words, thoughts & actions create our reality. We speak into existence everything we experience real time.

We are in brand new energy now.  I want to encourage you to choose your words, thoughts & actions with care as manifestation of them is almost instantaneous now.

Today be the most powerful you’ve ever been and pay attention to all you are creating.  We are Divine Co-Creators with our Universe… stand in your power and create a magical day! I love you