Messages show up in many ways, the key to receiving is  1) being present to receive, 2) realizing we are creating everything, 3) everything is here to help us.

A few months ago my computer, a refurbished Dell on turbo drive, stopped printing to my brand new printer. Nothing was resolving the issue but I was ok because I am able to print from my phone.  .
Monday my computer started having boot up issues. I bought it almost 2yrs ago, it was about 5yrs old. I was beginning to notice some minor things with it that was making me think my personal energy was impacting it. That happened with my IPhone SE, it stoped working so I upgraded to the latest iPhone last October.

Tuesday, my boot problem was still there and when I opened my emails the first ones was a “rogue” email from HP for a computer “sale”.  Yep my universe was letting me know the time is coming for me to get a new computer. I’m not a tech girl so I looked through my connections for someone who was a  computer tech but had none. So I put it off and forgot about it.  Yesterday (Friday) I received a second email from HP saying that it was the “last day” of the sale.  In other words my time is “running out”.  I had a quick flash of me not buying a new computer and my computer dying, that was enough of a push. My biz is tied to my computer!

I immediately started looking at computers but kept being pulled to a MacBook. I realized one of my biz mentees is a young tech guru who’s a wiz with MacBook so I reached out to him. In a mater of minutes he figured out what I needed and sent me a link to the perfect MacBook for me!  All I had to do was buy it, so I took a deep breath hit the button  and I’ll have it in a week!!  I haven’t had a brand new super duper turbo charge computer in 20 years!! Exciting!!!

As we raise our vibration we have to upgrade everything around us including our technology. Our energy will impact our computer, phone etc. I’ve been very aware of this for years. I have an Omnia disc on my computer, iPhone, router etc to make sure I’m not overloaded with EMF frequencies.

I’ve learned to see the signs through staying present and the writing was on the wall that my laptop was going down and if I didn’t pay attention I’d go down with that sinking ship.

After buying the new laptop last night I woke up to the most wonderful message in my Instagram account.  Arielle Caputo asked me to be a guest on her talk show which will he broadcast on Skype!! We are working out the details, as soon as I have them I’ll post them so you can join us for the show.  It’s going to be a super charged high vibe chat!! This is such a beautiful validation of my laptop upgrade in trusting my universe. In my past I would’ve stressed the money since it’s a huge purchase but because I’ve healed my issues surrounding lack the universe is matching that vibrational shift with everything that is more highly aligned.  We need to let go of all that holds us back in order to rise to new heights. This means technology, people, places and things that are no longer serving our highest good.

Upwards & onward…. what messages are you receiving that you need to pay attention to???