I woke up yesterday and stepped out back to a subtle pastel rainbow sky with pink undertones activating our heart center through love and compassion of the self so that we may share that love with others. The sky was so close it felt as though I could touch the clouds. The matrix is shifting and everything within must shift as well.

The collective awakening has become amplified, the energies are now moving at great speed with intensity.  This means the dissolution of the 3D timeline will play out faster, emotions will be targeted as things become revealed in the higher light as lower level distortions can no longer hide.  We must see it all and choose where we want to create our experience from as we head into these upcoming weeks / months. November will feel the heaviest as it’s tied into the election which is the focus at the moment.

These energies will create a need for all to come up and out as those witnessing their world / reality beginning to crumble will need to purge their unbridled emotions.  This is where we make the choice to be a conduit to transmute these unresolved emotions through our ability to be present in our heart center and hold space for all in the highest of realms. We can ask our Angelic realm / guides to support the emotional needs of those witnessing, through fear and despair, their reality collapsing.  This is where our work is.

This next month will require us to hold onto our faith as we know the final outcome is held in the highest of timelines and nothing can change it. This is history in the making the likes of which we will never have to experience again.  Let those who need to continue to dwell in the lower realm sifting through the distortions play out their healing until they can accept the new reality.  It’s difficult to imagine the level of mind control being dismantled, we need to hold space with love and grace as those involved are in complete unawares that they have been highjacked by the manipulative lower level powers holding us and Gaia hostage for so long.

As Divine Co-Creators with our universe it’s important to realize that in every second of every thought we are creating our reality.  We think it, speak it and play it into action in the physical. We must take more responsibility now for all we are creating, bringing forth, not only ourselves but for those around us who we engaging with. This means being a responsible creator in all aspects of our lives, taking into account how the choices we make will feed our reality in order to make sure that all we are creating is being done from the higher levels.

In each moment choose what serves your highest good and nothing less. Choose the things that make you happy.  Remember that creation follows intention / attention.  You will get more of whatever you’re focused on. This requires we be present and aware of our thoughts, words and actions.  You have the power to create what your heart desires.  The only thing standing in the way are old beliefs, programs and habits so let them go,

Remind yourself we are already there, this is it.  We are in the final stage and I can assure you that if you are reading this I am speaking to you, you have nothing to worry about other than where you focus your attention.  Feel joy that we are in the final phase of completion for our Ascension and keep your heart open.  Know the best is yet to come.  Be love for yourself first so you can be love for others.  I am here with you walking you through, we are doing it together.  I love you ❤️