This little guy was in my bedroom hanging from one strand over my art desk.  I was very appreciative of his message regarding my artistic abilities expanding more fully but in that moment of joy realized I didn’t want him living in my bedroom because his own artistic creations were being stifled in an environment (my bedroom) that was not in alignment to his needs as his own Divine Co-creative spider self with his Universe.
I scooped him up and put him out in my garden.  The next night I was throwing something in the garbage and the lights came on and to me amazement and delight my spider friend built a fantastic web creation over night.  The most interesting thing about this was he was set up right next to another spider who also built a web, I think I re-homed him a few weeks back 😅
Spider energy is one of my favorites, spiders we’ve webs of creative consciousness and magic.  They can teach us to weave our own magic.  They open portals within us for higher learning and co-creation with out universe.  They hold divine feminine energy to support our desire to birth new realities.
Next time a spider shows up for you look at the message it offers and go within to see if you are using your energy to the highest of your ability… and don’t forget to put the spider in its natural habitat unless it’s the middle of winter. 😉