Are you noticing a “silvery” appearance to the sky lately?  This is the magic of the higher dimensional frequencies now embodied by Gaia in her Crystalline / Christ / Kryst state as she shifts herself out of her roll as a planet and into her roll in what I would call a sun generating her own light expression.  Remember, our Sun is transforming into a Star.  The silver essence of Gaia is a reflection of these higher cosmic codes now available to us as we head through the passage (today) of this next gateway ending on the 19th.

As Gaia shifts we must shift. Many are feeling it right now in the way of balance issues / vertigo / nausea (even vomiting) / confusion / foggy groggy / lethargy & fatigue / aches & pains especially in the head, neck & shoulder area / increased frequencies (ringing) in the ears / mucus, phlegm, sinus drainage / FLU and more as we need to bring our body with us into higher cosmic alignment.  The alternative to not assisting our body in its journey into higher states of embodiment is to depart our earthly experience.  It’s always our choice.

Some are experiencing heightened states of intuition / telepathy, seeing through the third eye interdimensionally, increased lucid dreaming, and enjoying magical everything through the awareness that we create our reality by being present in our transformation.

Tuning in to see what our body requires is a must.  If you are feeling challenged listening, the best way to tune is in bed.  Our bed holds our energy and can recharge us if we get in bed and allow ourselves to rest.

If you’re on the other side of the fence feeling like you’re going to explode out of your body move. Your body is trying to integrate massive amounts of light codes and movement, wether walking or exercise, helps to process the codes faster.  You are feeling your own expansion as you “birth” a new reality.

This is it, Gaia has set the bar. There is no slacking off anymore. We are in an amplified gateway which will continue to increase through our June Solstice. We must do the work to bring ourselves into balance and alignment.  The payoff is beyond what we can imagine, so stay focused! I love you ❤️