I was awakened by another kundalini activation. It was strong, I could feel it ascending my spinal column.  The message was to be still, surrender to the experience.  When it completed I was aware we are heading into a shift within the collective as the 3D matrix begins to pull out of the Root energy center of the collective experience during the next few weeks.  The distortion of manipulation, blame, shame, guilt etc will feel heightened as it disrupts our false sense of comfort.  The message was “humanity will be “birthing” a new reality.

Birthing a new reality takes time, we must allow for all to unfold in the way it is meant to according to what is meant to be experienced through the state of “being”.  Being requires presence and patience.  If we are doing, we are not being and co-creation with our universe requires stillness within in order to achieve the highest outcome.

Life was always meant to be experienced in its fullness, ripe with all its fruits of our labor, however it doesn’t mean for that labor to be a physical pursuit (struggle), instead, its meant to be viewed / lived as a state of being.  Surrender knowing it is already done, there is no input required from us in a physical sense.  Our job is to be in flow with all that presents.

To be allowing is the gift we offer ourselves. In the process of being, stillness allows that within, that was running in a state of confusion and discord, an opportunity to slow down and come back into alignment. The first step is in being at peace with any areas of life that feel unresolved in this moment seeing there is no need to rush to make them hole.  That is merely a perception.  Those areas are already whole in the experience they are offering us, we must not try to make it something else.  Instead look at the gift in not having to entertain that particular distraction at this time so you may instead focus on settling yourself in order to come to a place of surrender that all is already in its divine perfection. This is where the magic can happen. It is in the knowing that you are already whole and anything else will be in addition to that state of wholeness.

Letting go is where the work is.  The programming lies in the depths of our root energy center which is tied to the distortion of the 3D matrix.  When we understand this completely we can detach from it through our understanding that we were playing in that matrix filled with limiting beliefs telling us how we must experience ourselves / life in order to achieve our perceived highest outcome.   That perception is the game of life, believing there must be something more required of you or something more you must do\be. There is not. That is a perception held in a field of limitation, which resides in the 3D matrix.

Close your eyes with me as you take a breath and realize “when my eyes are closed nothing outside of myself exists until I put it there with my thoughts”.  Through this exercise you will come to realize you / we are creating each experience we are having through perceptions and beliefs. The question we must challenge ourselves with is… “are these truly MY beliefs or are they a belief I’ve adopted so I could live up to the expectations of others caught up in the matrix of limited beliefs because they are not as aware as I am in this now moment that I am limitless in my ability to create the life / reality / experience I desire by tapping into my Field of Infinite Possibilities.

Free yourself, close your eyes often to exit the matrix.  Be present with yourself in each moment to create the experience you desire, surrender to what isn’t / has never worked and find that you are already whole.