Higher light frequencies continue to activate / upgrade DNA. Old stories may come up for healing and release as we move through this gateway.

In my dream last night I was about to encounter an old scenario I’ve played out my entire life. The dance of the narcissistic empath. In a moment of complete clarity being very lucid I suddenly felt myself pull out of that timeline closing it completely by saying NO! No more! I left abruptly and was a bit wonky coming back into my body / waking state feeling like a truck ran me over. It took about 20 minutes for my energy body to adjust. In the clarity laying in bed I remember thinking “I’ll never play that role out ever again”. It was done. This is how intensely we are clearing timelines / our Akash in dream state.

We must acknowledge the old self by recognizing the death of who we once were in order to recognize the Source within us emerging now as we take in and integrate these higher light frequencies.

With each activation let go, don’t over analyze, that only keeps us stuck. There’s no value in rehashing that dream upon awakening. It only pulls that timeline back in. We will soon be done with timelines so let them go. The work is easier now. Be present, hold appreciation and love in all you do.