Pure crystalline-solar light frequencies today, they are on the way up as I write this. No stone is left un-turned as the saying goes.  The shift in the collective is not yet obvious as many are not able to speak / share that they are starting seeing from a new perspective.  Patience is required as the distortion of the lower 3D / 4D realms continue to dismantle and breakdown.

We must continue to pay attention to where we are focusing OUR attention .  If we are focusing “out there” where fear based narratives are being fueled we need to pull out and up in order to focus higher. We must swap the fear for joy in whatever way we are able in order to realign our vibration.  Let your self talk it out if needed but don’t stay in the stream of distortion, we can’t stay there. Spinning the “what if’s” fuels the lower timeline, don’t go there.

As things unravel continue to hold the light as well as compassion for those now seeing beyond the veil of amnesia.  We have two major energy shifts coming, communication is a key factor here.  We must remember to hit the pause button and breath before responding if we feel triggered. This is how our own distortion will come up to release allowing for much greater clarity.  Remember, dimensions are not places, they’re frequencies.  We are tuning our frequency not heading in a direction or to a place.

As we come into the next week find ways to refocus to thoughts, desires and intentions that are fulfilling and satisfying to your soul.  The more we engage in things that make us happy the more we begin to see the things brining us down change and or exit our reality.  We must be brave enough to let go of what no longer serves us so we can open space for those things that do. Our biggest challenge is to remember we are a Master Co-Creator with our Universe, we are powerful beyond our own comprehension and when United we are unstoppable!! I love you ❤️