Today was my first day with Sun time in what feels like forever.  As I sat communing gently closing my eyes my field was flooded with pure golden crystalline light.  All throughout the golden light flooding my third eye were the most beautiful sparkles, they twinkled like diamonds. This light was flooding my field as an upgrade, and in that moment I released the energies held up in the right side of my neck / back. This reminded me of my first higher self integration with Aluna.  I met her as I was heading up the ascension column and she was coming down. It was filled with beautiful effervescent golden light.  If felt so joyful in my experience today receiving this Pure Divine magical release, for which I have deep appreciation for not only these energies but also myself for being present and showing up to receive.

In that transaction I received an update regarding the energies for October through December. It’s going to be a pivotal point for all of humanity. Everyone will be forced to choose which version of Earth they are standing on / aligning with.  Unconscious 3D Earth or Consciousness 5D+ New Earth?  Are you choosing to continue to play in the the distortion presenting or are you choosing to disengage / disentangle and move beyond the narrative presenting.  It will continue to get / feel more chaotic for those willing to participate.  Those unconscious will have a very physical experience to shift them while those who are conscious will experience more spiritual awakening / awareness.

Every moment now must be dedicated to choosing your highest experience / outcome.  Anything else creates lack  / lack consciousness. It will feel restrictive / limited.  This is where we stop talking about being our higher self and actually become our higher self by walking the talk.  No more supporting or playing in lack.  No more victim hood by staying in the story which is only our brains “perception” of what occurred that is continually repeated until the truth of what really occurred is no where to be found.  The brain / ego does a great job of perceiving, we must be present in all that shows up in order to counteract any story manifestations that creates a stronger hold on us than would be if the story was repeated by our higher self.  Think about that for a minute.  Whose story are you really telling, higher self or egos?
Our energy dictates our experience.  We must be present to be a witness to all we are creating.  This is where it’s going to count the most.  Stop watching this crazy movie as it is not the timeline we want to be on, it serves the wake up and not the higher path. Practice letting go to be in flow.  The magic we are seeking / desiring shows up when we do not have an agenda or attachment to an outcome.  Our universe knows way better than we do what is in our highest best interest and always brings that to us if we can stay out of the way and sit back, open our heart and be a good receiver.
The energies may feel angry, frustrating and even chaotic.  Continue to be an observer, do not take any of it in.  It’s for the purpose of showing contrast so we can keep focused on the light. Remember that everything is here to help us / support us on our journey.  Do not get caught in the emotions, if you do close your eyes, disengage and drop into your heart to come back to love. Everything is possible through love. I love you ❤️