I was laying in the little sun earlier and I felt my face tingling like tiny bugs crawling on me (Star particles activating) then my third eye blew open and I found myself facing one of the astronauts of the Spacex flight that just occurred a few days back. As I was facing him I could make out his face through his helmet face shield and at the same time see the overlay of my face on his.  In the next moment I saw a series of events rush past me quickly.  It ended with another overly this time it was Mt Rushmore on a July 4th for a celebration but it ended with the faces of Mt Rushmore overlaying mine and the astronauts face.

The message was that this is a “timeline” we are all on.  The events of this timeline need to go exactly as they are occurring. Any change to move out of what feels uncomfortable will be a move onto a different timeline where the end result at Mount Rushmore might not be as good or might not happen at all.  This is requiring us to become fully present in everything that we are feeling.  If you are making time to go inward check yourself and ask “is everything I’m feeling mine?”  Chances are much of it is the Collective Clearing taking place right now as we are releasing much anger, shame, blame in order to work through connection, understanding and compassion to enter “resurrection”. This is being forced up through the lunar eclipse on Friday.  We are stepping into the higher heart chakra which will feel very uncomfortable for many. Compassion for self and others is needed.

We are perfect in all things taking place at this time.  I also connected to Fire dragons. They 4th dimensional beings and are showing up to support the transmutation of blocks & distortions in the astral plane. Ask for assistance from them they are willing to help support you through but you must ask.

We are at the halfway point, more to go. I will be discussing these energies in the Emotional a Tune-up class over the next few weeks.  If you haven’t signed up and would like to join us you can head to my events tab and register.  This class can be purchased as a series or as a single class.  All classes are recorded and an audio replay file will be sent to you within 48 hours of the class.  Stay strong, we got this. It’s already done, we are just watching, waiting & holding space with light & love.  Be love always.  I love you ️