So much is shifting now, as we go higher.  New levels of Photonic Plasma light are being felt by all right now.  This new light is offering us new harmonics to play in / receive. These new harmonics may “sound” different as we no longer hear a high pitched ringing in our ear(s) but more melodic tones which are tuning our light body.

We may feel this new influx in our dream state where dreams become more vivid bringing a deeper awareness of the clearing we are doing while asleep.  Others may feel it in their physical state of being, needing to drink more water than before to stay hydrated, or feeling the neck / shoulders & spine ache in contraction as light codes are received. We can’t stretch it out, roll it out or massage it out, we must rest until our body is ready to “expand” (consciousness) again and all releases as if we were never jammed up. Surrender is the name of the game.

I’m experiencing “Synch links” with many others right now as unity within the collective is becoming strong as a result of the Quantum recoding we are ALL going through collectively.  I write / share and others show up to say they were just thinking / experiencing the same or they were just thinking of me. Dreams are another place we connect, many are sharing that I’m working with them in their dream state.  It’s magical!  Take notice of it in your reality.  Are you beginning to access this magical state of unity & harmony being in Divine flow with everything in your reality?

The more I feel into the fullness of our unity consciousness connection the more the dualistic scenarios drop away from my reality which shows me the more we work to hold awareness of everything presenting and stay present the better our experience will be.  We must hold & offer love as all is truly / purely the reflection of that within us still needing love & healing. Holding love for all that presents allows us to shift away from the collapsing lower level distortion and anchor more fully in our natural organic ascension timeline.  We are all on that collective trajectory, and nothing can stop it.  How we get there and what it feels like on the way is up to us.  We are the creator of it all.

When someone / something shows up offering contrast give them / it your love and see it as an opportunity to shift up / out.  The distortion is merely reflections of fear, lack, judgement etc within us needing our own love in order to heal it so we can know ourselves as the Ascended Master we are. Be love for yourself first so you can offer love to everyone & everything presenting in our reality as it is doing so at our request.  Once you fully see this everything changes.  We must stand in our power, sovereignty etc in order to anchor in these codes which will assist us in elevating our experience.  Nothing is “them out there”, it’s all within, it’s all our individual soul path / timeline experience.

When we understand we are fully in control of everything, the good bad & ugly we can shift it.  Until then we choose suffering as we can see no other way.  Moving beyond suffering requires us to be present 24/7 which takes immense practice & focus in the beginning.  Stay present & in awareness is key, we cannot let our reality dictate our experience, we must be at the helm navigating.  This takes work, yes, and in these higher frequencies a little effort to shift pays off in a huge way. Together we are making shift happen. I am with you, we are strong, we got this! I love you <3