I don’t have to ask if you’re feeling it, I only have to get on the road, go to a store or tune into social media to witness the extreme rise in emotions being expressed as we enter a pivotal point in our transcendence of our human consciousness. In my desire to support you all I tried to make a video several times and each time I was interrupted which tells me this channeled post is the way to serve you all today. Let’s take a look at what’s playing out energetically right now and perhaps this information can help you understand, work through and release what’s coming up to be purged.

Plasma Light – it’s in our solar system and is being streamed into our Earth as well as our bodies. It assists in the molecular restructuring of our Etheric field to assist in the building of our Light Body which enables our higher consciousness to expand in form meaning we understand Unity Consciousness and our connection to each other and Source at a deeper level. Right now we are experiencing it every day.  It is the Roto Rooter of the body, clearing out all distortions needing to be released.  Plasma makes us feel cold, especially our extremities like hands & feet.  It will also make your stomach gurgle and at night you may feel increased anxiety throughout your entire body.

Gamma Rays – this feels like a light electrical current running throughout your body. You can feel it the most at night when you are laying down to sleep and because of the quiet you can feel it more. This is the energy that works in the physical body to assist with our spiritual evolution and can cause anxiety, heart palps, colds / flus and other immune system issues. A year ago I only felt it at night, now I feel it running at high amplified amounts all day long. This is your “getter done” light frequency because it’s hard to sleep when Gamma is streaming through you.

Photonic Light – This is what’s making you feel sleepy. It puts us to sleep, if we allow ourselves to rest, so that our body can “release” what is wanting to go. The sleepy feeling is your body working at its highest most aligned state of being to assist with your physical and spiritual shift in your spiritual evolution. We get sick when we resist the need for rest because we’re fighting our bodies natural process. Remember, you DO NOT need to do anything more than “support” yourself through whatever you’re dealing with because your body already knows what to do to heal, the problem is in us wanting to control the process. Phontonic Light is a living consciousness light. It breaks down the illusions held by all which includes right / wrong, good / bad etc. This energy works through the energetic imprints we have been imprinted with through our human condition on an individual as well as collective level. It’s also responsible for the “memory loss” some of you are experiencing. The memory loss eventually clears as the lower dense energy leaves the body and more of the soul consciousness comes on line from its dormancy. This is where many of you are gaining an awareness of yourselves as becoming intuitive or psychic. I’ve got news for you, WE ARE ALL PSYCHIC!!! Yes, it’s called “Telepathy”. Unity Consciousness!!
side note, Photonic Light will blow up your belly as it works throughout your body to assist you in releasing density. When this happens your stomach will expand, you may feel gassy or uncomfortable. I’ve found breathing is the best way to counter this, mostly Lamaze breathing.

Rainbow Light (Rainbow Bridge Portal) – This is 4D light frequency, we are seeing it in the sky everyday in the clouds, around the sun and especially after it rains as rainbows & rainbow light is always present. This Portal activated and opened a little over a year ago so that the souls who are not choosing to be with us at this time or have completed their mission / purpose on the Earth in their human experience could leave in whatever way their soul contracted to. Please remember it’s all at the soul level, all of it. Our human does not drive the bus during this process.

Loss / Pain – I know many of you are feeling the pain of loss of a loved one. I’ve opened space in the higher realms for you to be held in love and grace as well as encoded this post with Light Codes to assist in your grieving process. We can’t understand death at a human level because of what we’ve been lead to believe via our generational imprints, religion, the media, etc. Death is a natural transition back to the souls energetic state of being. When a soul departs the Earth it’s because they’ve decided it’s time to go or it was an event scheduled in the soul plan / blueprint prior to incarnating. The soul has just as great a purpose going back to original form as it held on the Earth if not greater. With our human evolution (Ascension process) underway moving now at an incredibly intense pace all souls who are ready to go so they may assist those of us remaining are being called Home. Through your pain and grief I hope you can take a moment to see the gift they are giving us in their departure. The support they will be providing from the higher realms is greater than what could’ve been accomplished here. WE are going to need all the support available through the next “two years” of transformation. I honor all of our beloveds who have departed as well as those preparing to depart with the highest respect, honor and love. I hope you will join me in anchoring into our heart center to receive and share love to support ALL through this process, OUR process of awakening and transformation.

Vertigo – This occurs when your energetic body is out of vibrational alignment with the Earth. The Earth has a torus, WE have a torus… the energies on the Earth are increasing. The vibration is rising, this means we must raise our vibration to match that of the Earth. If you are holding dense energy in the form of lower frequencies (anger, resentment, manipulation etc) you will prevent yourself for raising your vibration which will create anxiety, depression, anger etc in your day to day experience and eventually cause vertigo. There are “quick fixes” for vertigo but it will not last if you do not start doing the work necessary to free yourself of all the pain of the past / present you are carrying in your energy field. I know you may not be able to see your own energy field but please trust me it can only hold so much before your physical body takes the hit.

Illness- Those of you who follow me know I’m an advocate for getting the garbage up and out! If your energetic field is full of dense energy (anger, resentment, manipulation etc) it will weigh you down energetically. You will be taken off line by a cold or flu as the first step to force you to rest to let go so your body can realign itself. Oh wait, what’s that you say??? You don’t have time to rest? Ok this is not on your time schedule, this is on your bodies blueprinted schedule for your awakening process. You don’t get to choose. If you don’t rest and take out the internal garbage over time your energetic field will not be able to carry the weight and have a meltdown… yes I said your energy field will have a meltdown!! This will come in the form of a mini health crisis which will keep evolving if you are unwilling to pay attention to the underlying causes. It’s time to snap out of the routine and get to work. Choose a new path, let go of the old one. All that you’re holding onto through your thoughts and emotions is making YOU sick and no one else. Why would you allow that? Suffering is an ego response, it equals resistance. When we carry the past hurts and wounds we’re in resistance to allowing ourselves to heal. YOU are holding YOU hostage, time to really think about that.

Symptoms = Upgrades
To say we are experiencing a “symptom” to something thanking place in our body is to say we have something “wrong” with us which puts us in “victimhood”. This is also a very third dimensional alignment of old thoughts, beliefs, imprints and patterning. If one sneezes it must be a “symptom of a cold” coming on because when have associated an occurrence of a sneeze to what we believe is our truth, that we must be getting sick, when this is not our truth at all but if you sneeze and tell yourself, and others, “oh I just sneezed, I must be getting sick” your body will respond to what your creating in your energetic field through your thoughts first, then the emotions that follow. The biggest assistance you can give yourself on your journey to self discovery is to let go of the word “symptom”. Energetically it holds an extremely dense, heavy vibration to it. Just saying or thinking the word will anchor more density into your energetic field so allow yourself to exchange that word for this statement “my body is aligning to all the new energetic changes taking place right now”. See how much lighter that statement feels and how heavy the word “symptoms” feels?? Make small but very significant changes a step at a time and your body will correct itself very quickly. Our thoughts charge every action in our body and our reality…. what are your thoughts creating for you??

Everything we experience is what we came here to experience. No one “did” anything “to” you, you did it to yourself so your soul could understand what emotions are all about but because of all the dense heavy energy on the Earth prior to 2012 we were not aware of our soul form and our ego stepped into the forefront to “run the show”. Now it’s time for a new show, a new act, a new scene and most certainly a new role in your own process of healing.

The energy is intense. It’s bringing everything to the surface for everyone. I’ve never seen so many angry, agitated, aggressive people in my life. People are venting their fear, grief, anger etc like never before. This is how you know there’s going to be a major shift. This is actually a good thing because it’s coming up / out. Tears are the fastest way to cleanse dense energy. Cry when tears come, up and out. Change is certainly on the horizon.

We are on the fast track right now as this solar eclipse July 2nd is going to shine light where there hadn’t been any. When that light comes on it’s time to get that broom out and sweep away anything that’s been lingering in the dark, lurking in the corner, that which you’ve given your power away to. This is THE “new beginning”, what will you write in the first chapter of your new story??? I’m looking forward to seeing the beginning unfold so I can follow you through to the amazing end!!

In closing I just want to share how grateful I am to be on this journey with you. Thank you for making the time to read my channelings and a very heartfelt THANK YOU to those of you who share my posts like this one because you’re assisting me in assisting those who need support and I can’t thank you enough. Aside from private sessions and teaching this is my purpose, it’s what I signed up for. It is always my extreme pleasure to assist you on your evolutionary journey. Remember to be love for yourself first in ALL you do so that love can then be transmitted out through your energy field to all those you come into contact with. I love you