Many of you had a DNA activation yesterday or last night as we quantum jumped to a New Dawn. This shift could’ve kept you up all night (gamma light frequency works our nervous system) perceiving it was the moons energy.  This is a story we have been told, the moon doesn’t have that kind of power. It’s hollow and metal like a galactic battle star. It’s inhabited by many galactic races.

How do I know? I worked with the Zeta Reticuli as a child (soul contract) where it was explained to me that the moon was towed into our atmosphere because they needed a new home after accidentally destroying their planet.  The moon, being metal, locked into the Magnetics of the Earths atmosphere and supported the Earth through this exchange in our cosmic space.

The moon, being hollow & metal, is like a satellite broadcasting the frequency shifts of the planets down to Gaia & humanity. It’s not the moons energy, it’s more what it’s picking up from the planets then directing it at us. Planets set our stage, the moon is the director and we are the actors. Our script is our soul blueprint / soul contracts.

The reason we struggle as humans is we don’t realize we are the “creator” of everything in our reality.  We like to give our power away to others, then when something isn’t happening for our highest good we can claim “they’ve” wronged us, including the moon 😉  Through beliefs handed down to us through the centuries we’ve unknowingly used them to lock into a victim consciousness mentality.

In truth the planetary shifts set the next scene in our play and we can either use the information to assist us in being a better actor in our reality or become a victim to a shift believing we have no power to do anything… does this sound familiar?

If you do anything with this moon energy look to it to see how the stage is being set for the next scene in your life’s play and use it to your advantage but do not be a victim to its “energies” because it doesn’t have that power, that’s the belief system we are tied to.

Things like insomnia (gamma light frequency), headaches / migraines (solar light frequency), sleep / foggy / groggy (photonic light frequency), … see none of this is the moon!!

Shift how you see life and life shifts.  The Earth / Gaia is our movie screen for how our reality plays out. Starting today, we must harmonize to this new awareness so we can take our power back and realize that everything is a creation of us and how we use our power of creation, the Source within us, to create a better experience.  We are our power source, if something is not working or making us happy we can’t wait for someone else to fix it. We’ve had the power all along but we were led to believe we’d be too powerful so we had to go unconscious, behind the veil and forget who we are.

Do not let anyone or anything, not even the beautiful moon, steal your power. Stand in your sovereignty and know your truth. You are an Ascended Master, you just forgot so I’m being asked to remind you of your magnificence. I love you ❤️