Magic is everywhere 💫 🍄Mushrooms (the elementals call them toadstools) are in abundance in my backyard!  Everyday there’s something new to experience. I’m in touch with Gaia connecting,  sending out love and in return love comes back in the way of these magical offerings.

We live on an abundant magical planet which is going through its transformation just as we are.  Gaia’s soul is ascending just as we are. The more magic we allow into our lives the easier our evolutionary journey is, which allows Gaia’s evolutionary experience to become easier / greater / more magical. We are the key.

When we hold magic within the magic presents on the outside as a mirror for us to be a witness to our own creation, and everything is just that… our creation through magic!!

My mirror reflects back to me many facets of that which I hold within.  I don’t get one variety of mushroom I get many because I believe I’m unlimited in my state of being.

How about you? How are you expressing yourself to your universe?  Are you believing yourself to be unlimited in how you experience your reality? Are you in a relationship with yourself? Are you in a relationship with Gaia? With the elementals? With your Universe? With the stars, the planets, the unknown and unseen?  Can you open your heart so big that you are connected way down deep within, which means no judgement, that you are one with everything therefore everything is one with you?  If this is hard for you to take in the relationship that needs the most work is the one with yourself.

I want to remind you that you are a “Magical Divine Co-Creator with your universe”, the magic is waiting for you to call it in, show up for it, show up for yourself.  Stop trying so hard to be human, you are not, you are a Divine God Spark of Source Consciousness.  You are the essence of magic, claim it in right now, with me, together we’ll amplify the magic we hold within.  And so it is! 💫