Do you lead with your light, holding light, keeping your light so bright that others desiring to know / stand in / ignite their own light / be light can see the way to do that from within themselves?
This Keeper of the Light knows the way.  She shows the way through portals into other realms using her light to illuminate her path.
The full moon tonight is in Pisces, the fish swim in different directions.  Which one is right?  Use your own light to assist you in seeing your direction these next few weeks with greater clarity.  Stay in your light / Grace and allow these energies to be an opportunity for great expansion in all areas.  Do not allow distractions to pull you off your path.
If you get lost ask the Keeper of Light to assist you in finding your way.  Everything you desire is already here, it’s within you, not outside.
Hold space for those struggling, offer love, not judgement.  Be light and love.  We are creating the magical Earth experience we desire from within.  What we seek is ALWAYS within us.  Remember, you are more powerful than you know yourself to be.  I love you ❤️