JOY🌈… our Universe brings us messages in magical ways when we are present and open to receiving.  I was feeling very joyful this day as I was sitting out back in my gravity chair speaking words of love and appreciation to my Universe.  It answered back with light codes mirroring my appreciation in JOY!

At first I didn’t realize the cloud actually spelled joy, I noticed when I looked at the picture later.  I had taken the picture because I “felt” the codes and love in the clouds.  What I felt was my love coming back to me (Law of Attraction, Law of One, Law of Vibration)

I wasn’t always a “good receiver” to the magic readily available to me from my Universe, which is always patiently waiting for me / us to notice and take in to activate my / our Divine Blueprint / Template in order to activate / upgrade my / our DNA.

The last 3 years I have been a humble student of my Universe, allowing myself to be a witness to all of the magic it offers us when we are present and holding attention to it.  It takes practice to be present and along with the practice it requires a great deal of patience and self love. Each step honoring where we are in our journey recognizing that we are doing our absolute best.

Releasing judgment is key in tuning our awareness / frequency / vibration / lightbody higher.  When we judge ourselves we stop ourselves from growing.  Self love is the answer, when we hold love for ourselves we can more easily fill our reality with love in all ways including messages of Joy in the clouds we create through our intention of being in JOY.

Just for today, hold joy for as long as you can, as often as you can and watch your reality shift. Look for the reaction to your intention in everything around you including the clouds.  In Joy & Love ❤️